Star Wars Die Cast (Kenner)

Star Wars Die Cast
1978 - 1980

We admittedly have never been big fans of die cast vehicles, but that's not to say that they don't have their charm. Die cast certainly have their appeal to many collectors, and with ranges from land vehicles to space ones (not to mention everything in between), it's not difficult to see why.

Though they obviously don't coincide with the scale of Kenner's vintage 3 3/4 inch line, the below die cast items were just as much a part of the series as the 12 inch dolls. Back in the early days of Star Wars toys, Kenner was just looking to produce something that would appeal to a wide variety of children, so while the 3/34 inch line became the obvious most preferred, it wasn't necessarily Kenner's main focus at first. Let's face it - Nobody was really prepared for the phenomenon that Star Wars became.

Kenner produced two different styles of vehciles - The smaller bubble carded ones, and the larger boxed ones. While it was nice to get the variety of sizes, obviously there is still a scaling issue from vehicle to vehicle. Can you imagine if the Millennium Falcon was as large as a Star Destroyer (or Imperial Cruiser as it was called in this line)?

The biggest problem with this particular series is the high value that most sellers put on them. Asking prices range as high as $500.00 to $750.00 for each vehicle. The reality of this is that most buyers are willing to pay only $65.00 to $300.00 depending on which vehicle it is, and in what condition. Yeah, sure, that's still a high dollar amount for one die cast vehicle, but it's a far cry from $700.00!

It's key to note that these are few and far between on secondary markets. They're not as common as your typical Kenner Star Wars action figure - Especially not in the package. This aspect could be playing a crucial role in why so many sellers thinks they should be asking for such high prices.

Regardless of the reasoning, this is definitely one tough set to put together. However, with that said, time and patience will be your biggest reward if you're up to the challenge of the hunt.

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  1. YEah this is why, even as a loose collector, I just go after the recent stuff and power of the force II, they are just to much.

    I never knew these existed and look really cool, to bad I'll never own them. Thankfully there are modern versions like Hot Wheels and Titanium!

    1. Those new Hot Wheels ones are pretty cool too. I've walked past them a couple times in the store, and regretted not nabbing them.