Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Die Cast (Kenner)

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Die Cast
1980 - 1983

Oh, why not? Let's pick up where we left off last week with the 1978 - 1980 Star Wars die cast vehicles...

After finding success in the toy isle with their aforementioned metal vehicles, Kenner continue into The Empire Strikes Back line with them. However, in doing so they mainly just re-released everything under the new film's banner, with a handful of new vehicles that followed.

The only new items to materialize were the bubble carded Snowspeeder, Slave I, Twin-Pod Cloud Car and larger boxed TIE Bomber. It's key to note that while the Imperial Cruiser was re-released, the name was changed to reflect it's proper name, Star Destroyer.

What's fun about these particular items (both the original Star Wars series and these all new The Empire Strikes Back releases) is that they can be incorporated into the vintage Micro-Collection. Granted there is still a scaling issue, but they still fit nicely when compared side by side.

Like the original series, these are far from common items to find on secondary markets. The smaller carded bubble vehicles are slightly easier to find than the larger boxed ones, but don't let that excite you. In general they are all fairly difficult to track down.

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