Twisted Christmas (McFarlane Toys)

Twisted Christmas
McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys churns out a lot of odd, and a lot of fantastic products. One that fits both those bills is the 2007 Twisted Christmas line.

Many fans / collectors consider the line to be the fifth wave from the McFarlane Monsters line which ran from 1997 to 2005. Considering the Twisted Christmas line was released in 2007, that's not an unreasonable deduction. However, this theory has never been confirmed.

Regardless, that aspect doesn't impede this line from being awesome to collect. Just think how these would look on your fireplace mantle at Christmas time, or even hung around the tree as ornaments. They'd be the ultimate odd conversation piece for friends and families around the holidays.

 Jack Frost*Mrs. Claus*Reindeer Rudy
Santa Claus*Santa's Littler Helpers*Snowman

Six basic figures were produce (as shown above), with an additional limited edition variant of Mrs. Claus. The basic series version sported brown hair, while the limited edition - Which was limited to just 4,000 pieces - had flowing locks of blonde hair.

Mrs. Claus (Limited Blonde Edition)

What's interesting to note when tracking these figures down is that individually they can sell for about $25.00 each (mint in the package for the basic figures). However, at the same time, an entire set of the series (once again mint in the package for the basic figures) can sell for as little as $80.00. The blonde haired version of Mrs. Claus won't set you back much more to obtain - An average of $30.00 mint in the package.

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