Crysis 2 (Gamestars Collectibles and NECA)

Crysis 2
Gamestars Collectibles

Crysis entered the arena of first person shooter games in 2007 with the first installment of the same name. It was so well received, that it garnered a 98% score in PC Gamer magazine, making it one of the highest rated games for PCG.

The game's shtick was the nanosuit which granted the player special abilities, and made the game unique and fun when compared to other shooters that were currently on the market. The rave reviews continued into its sequel, Crysis: Warhead, as well as the highly anticipated Crysis 2 which was released in 2011.

Which bring us to the Gamestars Collectibles line from 2012. Six figures in total were produced based on the game, all featuring a massive amount of accessories, and great articulation and sculpts. Even if you're not a fan of Crysis, it's hard to find fault with the pieces.

 Alcatraz Nanosuit 2.0*C.E.L.L.*Grunt

Personally speaking, Crysis 2 was no challenge in terms of a video game. We literally completed every level by doing the following; crouch, cloak, sneak forward, recharge cloak, repeat. There was no reason to engage any of the enemies because 1) you were quickly outnumbered, and 2) it was faster just to sneak through the entire mission.

Heavy*Nomad Nanosuit 1.0*Stalker

Crysis 2

Prior to the 2012 release from Gamestars Collectibles, NECA produced a Nanosuit 2 as part of their Player Select line. It wasn't a bad figure, but quite honestly, GC just seemed to hit the mark better with their line.

Nanosuit 2

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  1. These are nice figures.It just sucked that they were sold at TRU,which Is way out of my range.

    1. Yeah, Toys R' Us isn't in the most convenient location these days. A few of them closed down around me.