Now Playing Presents Land of the Dead (State of the Art Toys)

Now Playing Presents Land of the Dead
State of the Art Toys

State of the Art Toys is one of those companies that comes and goes at its own pace. They don't tend to release a whole lot of items, but what they do produce is pretty impressive. The quality and sculpts show the work of people who care about the product they're putting forth, and the attention to every detail is always highly praised by fans.

Now Playing Presents Land of the Dead was one of those lines that kind of came out of no where. It was based on the George A. Romero of the same name (Minus the Now Playing Presents part). Romero himself has been pleasing fans for decades with his "Dead Series", and SOTA took an opportunity to bring some of that pleasure home in the form of plastic action figures - That sounded almost dirty as we typed it.

Beyond saying that there were three figures produced, there's honestly not a whole lot more to say on the series. It's a line that appeals to a niche market, and beyond that isn't going to be a big seller - Thus why there were probably only three figures.

Big Daddy


The Butcher

Each figure came packed with a few hacked up pieces to form "The Victim" when compiled. However, this wasn't exactly an extra figure that could be assembled - More so just spread about the plastic base diorama pieces that also came packed with each figure.

These days it's not a hard line to track down - It just costs more than most people are willing to pay. Typically priced at an average of $25.00 to $30.00 per figure, most go unsold on secondary markets. Most collector's on average are willing to pay about $5.00 for each figure.

Join us next time when we take a look at Ghost in the Shell!

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  1. I picked up he entire series of these about 6 or 7 years ago. hey're pretty nice zombie figures if you're into gruesome (and when it comes to zombies, I'm OK with gruesome). They go great with various Resident Evil, NECA Cult Classics, and Attack of the Living Dead zombies, too!

    1. Not a bad idea to incorporate them with other Zombie related series. If anything, they display nicely with all the gruesome accessories and the backdrops.