Mr. Bacon (Accoutrements)

Mr. Bacon

We love finding stuff like this. We honestly do.

Accoutrements is a company behind numerous bacon based products - Toothpaste, lip balm, body wash - The list goes on. Their mascot, Mr. Bacon not only has been plastered across the packaging of these items, but also made an appearance in plastic as a bendable figure in 2002.

The Toy Box readers, if you haven't met him before, we'd like to introduce you to, Mr. Bacon!

This fun little guy stands about eight inches high, and compliments every bacon lover's collection just perfectly.

Mr. Bacon
Now, we didn't know this, but apparently bacon and tofu don't get along. If you're like Mr. Bacon, and you can't stand your tofu, then you'll want to nab yourself a Mr. Bacon Vs. Tofu two-pack, and live out your fantasies of destroying this curd and soy based villain.
Or perhaps you're a tofu fan, and you simply want to stick it to those bacon eaters by destroying Mr. Bacon for good with your tofu fighter. Either way, Accoutrements has you covered with this two pack.

Mr. Bacon Vs. Tofu

Mr. Bacon isn't too hard to find these days. You can nab him up from sites such as Amazon and ebay for around $5.00 to $7.00. The two pack on the other hand is a little pricier. It can still be found on Amazon, but some sellers ask as much as $30.00 for the set. That's ranging on the "steep" level for these guys.

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  1. Heh, I'd never seen one of these before, but they're pretty hilariously awesome.