Scarface (NECA)


It's interesting that the 1983 film, Scarface, has become noted for being such a great "mob" film, praised by critics today. In the 80's when it was first released it was heavily criticized for it's harsh language, drug overtones and violence. Certain Cuban groups even went so far as to pan and ban the film for such a harsh portrayal of Cubans as criminals in general.

Since its initial release, several bits of merchandise have hit shelves from posters to mugs, to t-shirts and toys - And more. The film has certainly come a long way, and during its travels has picked up several thousands if not millions of fans.

NECA knew that there was money to still be made off this classic 80's film, and that's where these fantastic figures come into play. In 2007 they released both a seven inch and eighteen inch version of the infamous Tony (Al Pacino) Montana. Each size came in two different versions - One with a white suit, and another in a blue suit. The sculpts were the same for all of them - Though the eighteen inch version had far more articulation.

Seven Inch Figures
Tony Montana (Blue Suit)*Tony Montana (White Suit)

Tony Montana (White Suit)

Tony Montana (Blue Suit)
Neither of the figures are necessarily cheap. The seven inch figures will set you back about $30.00 each, and the eighteen inch figures go for around $50.00. We suppose in terms of retail prices that they're not far off from that, but even at retail they were rather pricey.

Join us next time when we take a look at...Well, you really just have to see it to believe it.

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  1. I enjoyed the movie but I literally had to watch it with subtitles the first time I saw it as I really could not understand half of what Al Pacino was saying!

    While NECA makes much better figures now (and sticks with licenses longer) I do miss the days when they released interesting, more niche figures that were from a a variety of properties.

    1. We're the opposite in regards to NECA. We feel that too many lines from them in the past felt abandoned. We appreciate the direction they're heading these days with fleshing out lines, and sticking with them.

  2. Love NECA and this is another great one from them.