Nightmare Warriors (MTC - Multi-Toys Corporation)

Nightmare Warriors
MTC (Multi-Toys Corporation)

Nightmare Warriors are a fairly unknown toy line from MTC - Multi-Toy Corporation.  These five and a half inch figures were built with parts fairly close in build to those of the highly popular He-Man, or Masters of the Universe line of the 80's.

Some of the figures were either designed to be the skeletal remains of (or by coincidence were named after) a classic historical figure, and included names such as Geronimo, Spartacus and more.  Each figure featured a glow in the dark feature, and came with numerous weapons and accessories.

Captain Kidd*Geronimo

Major Bones*Pancho Villa

Sir Lancelot*Spartacus

These days, Nightmare Warriors are very difficult figures to track down both carded and/or loose with all their accessories.  At the time of its release the line simply was not popular, and as a result didn't sell well.  These days, many fans of the vintage Masters of the Universe figures enjoy incorporating them into their collections.

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  1. I've never seen these action figures.I guess as a kid you could have recreated these famous warriors resurrection and have them serve in Skeletors army of the undead lol ! I don't think something like this would have appealed to me as I needed my figures to be more distinct from one another. However they would make for a cool display in ones adult toy collection!

    1. Multi-Toys Corporation unfortunately never advertised them the way that they should have, and thus many people did miss out on these. They're definitely more popular today than they were when originally released, but again that's because many people enjoy incorporating them into their Masters of the Universe line.