Star Wars: Saga Legends (Shadows of the Dark Side) (Hasbro)

With new toys being released almost daily, keeping up with the latest and greatest Star Wars lines can be a daunting, if not difficult (or annoying) task. While some lines can be small and minor stepping stones for the next best thing in the works at Hasbro, others can have hundreds of pieces, and several variants to track down (for those completests out there). The Saga Legends line, or "Shadows of the Dark Side" as it has come to be known amongst collector's is somewhere in the middle of that road. It's not terribly large, but at the same time, it's not what we would call small either.

Despite package changes from series to series, Hasbro has stayed pretty consistent with their quality of each figure and the accessories within, as well as the overall quality of vehicles, playsets, etc. Though the figures are obviously the meat (or heart) of each line. None of the toys from the line were limited to any particular movie, but instead encompassed the entire Saga. This in turn led to a lot of "random" releases of figures, with each wave having little to no correlation from figure to figure.

With each passing series we're seeing less and less new figures, and more and more resculpted older ones. Could it be that Hasbro has run out of figures to make? You'll find that the Shadows of the Dark Side line really doesn't have all that much to offer in terms of "new" stuff. You'll find a couple unique pieces that you've never seen before, but for the most part its all rehashed stuff. That's not to say it's not good stuff. The sculpts are amazing to be certain, but at the same time there's that feeling of, "Oh, it's another Boba Fett figure."

Unfortunately at this point in time there's very little we can say about any Star Wars line that we haven't said time and time again in our various articles about the prior lines. So with that said, we're going to just jump right in with the pictures. We hope you enjoy this complete look at the 2010 though 2011 Saga Legends (AKA Shadows of the Dark Side) line from Hasbro. We'll throw in a couple of sentences here and there to help distinguish each subset.


Basic figures are single carded figures which are released nationwide. They are the heart of any collection, and the most common items available to the average shopper. The basic line for Sage Legends consisted of three waves.

Bossk*IG-88*Zuckuss*Greedo*Jango Fett*Darth Vader

Princess Leia (in Boushh Disguise)*Darth Maul*General Grievous*Clone Trooper (Episode II)*Darth Vader (Sith Apprentice)*Obi-Wan Kenobi

Yoda*R2-D2*Shock Trooper*Clone Trooper (Episode III)*C-3PO*Chewbacca

501st Clone Trooper*Battle Droid (two pack)*Luke Skywalker*Han Solo*Snowtrooper

Stormtrooper*Death Star Trooper*Super Battle Droid*Mace Windu*Boba Fett*Space Trooper*Destroyer Droid


Hoth Assault*Invasion of Utapau


The commemorative Blu-Ray figure packs were a fan favorite for the entire run of the series. When the boxes were stacked next to each other, they showcased a wonderful piece of banner art, which each box contained a piece of. Each pack contained four figures, and a really nice miniature movie poster inside.

The Phantom Menace*Attack of the Clones*Revenge of the Sith

A New Hope*The Empire Strikes Back*Return of the Jedi


Kmart released a single carded exclusive of the bounty hunter Jodo Kast. Kast made his first appearance in the Star Wars universe in the West End roleplaying game Tatooine Manhunt which was released in 1988 as a pre made adventure. However, many people are more familiar with the character's appearance as an unlockable character in the Playstation game Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi.

Jodo Kast


The one and only deluxe figure was actually an exclusive to Toys R' Us.

Rebel Transport Speeder with Rebel Ground Crew


Legacy of the Dark Side two packs were designed to include an "evolution" of sorts for each character. The most unique figure from this line is the Pre-Cyborg Grievous.

Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader*Young Boba Fett to Bounty Hunter*Pre-Cyborg Greivous to General Greivous


Toys R' Us released four exclusive multipacks which each contained four to five figures.

Battle Over Endor 1 of 2*Battle Over Endor 2 of 2*Star Wars: Republic Commando*Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


Comic two packs made a submerging in the form of exclusive editions. The first was released strictly at Celebration V, while the second was released strictly at San Diego Comic Con. We've included both the boxed version and the carded version (as found inside the boxed version) for the San Diego Comic Con exclusive.

Camie Marstrap and "Fixer" Loneozner*Darth Maul and Owen Lars


Only a handful of vehicles were released (exclusive or otherwise).

Bespin Cloud Car*Luke Skywalker's Snowspeeder

Imperial AT-AT with Speederbike and Exclusive AT-AT Driver


Walmart and Toys R' Us both offered an exclusive vehicle. The Toys R' Us exclusive came with two vehicles and three figures.

Imperial TIE Bomber (Walmart)*Death Star Trench Run (Toys R' Us)


The creatures produced for the Saga Legends line were only available at exclusive stores. Each contained a creature and exclusive figure(s).

Jabba's Throne with Oola (Toys R' Us)*The Search for Luke Skywalker with Han Solo and Hoth Rebel Soldier (Target)


Target was the only store to release any playsets, both related to the planet Hoth.

Attack on Hoth*Defense of Hoth

And, that about sums it up for the Saga Legends line. Like we said above, as far as Star Wars lines go, there's not a whole lot we can say that we haven't said many times over in prior posts based on the various lines. But, we hope you've enjoyed this complete look.

Join us next time when we take a look at Toonsylvania!

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