Retro Spins: Squeeze - Babylon And On

You know those albums you bought because they were cheap and had one song on them that you knew? Yeah, that's where we are with today's Retro Spins from Squeeze.

My introduction to them takes me back several years ago. Back when Youtube was in its infancy. I was looking for 80's music and believe I typed in something generic, such as, "Best 80's Music". Doing so brought up a number of videos which had mixes of songs.

However, being the beginning of the site, there were no two hours videos of consistent play. I think the maximum length was ten minutes. It's because of this the videos I came across mainly had snippets of songs. Since nobody was really using "professional" video editing software at the time, if the songs weren't listed out in the description, you either knew them or had to figure it out via Google.

It was during one of these play sessions that I heard a snippet of Squeeze's Hourglass. It didn't strike me as anything necessarily great, but I was desperate to broaden my horizons in 80's music, so I added it to my "get it" list. Many more years would pass, and I would eventually find the album from Dollar CD Guy at Timonium, as I've said before, not his real name. Which eventually brings us to today.

Babylon And On cuts to the chase starting up with Hourglass, setting the right tone. However, from there, and why I can keep this post relatively short, it quickly falls into background noise. Ignoble background noise at that. While I played the album from start to finish, I dare say I didn't pay attention to any of it.

It's because of this, I can't honestly say if anything was good or bad. Well, I suppose I can say it was the latter. Had it been good, I probably would have paid attention to it. So yeah, scratch that. It was bad.

It was so bad I got up and exercised. That's how bad it was. You made me exercise, Squeeze! For shame!

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  1. I honestly don't understand why Rolling Stone Magazine hasn't hired you yet.