Retro Spins: Def Leppard - Diamond Star Halos


Def Leppard return for the first time since 2015 to give the world the all new, fifteen track album, Diamond Star Halos (2022). A callback to glam rock from the lineup of the band established with the 1996 album, Slang, featuring Joe Elliott on vocals, Phil Collen on guitar, Rick Savage on bass, Rick Allen on drums, and Vivian Campbell on additional guitars. Additionally, bluegrass singer / violinist, Alison Krauss joins in to provide vocals, performing duets on two tracks with Elliott.

As someone who didn't follow Def Leppard all that much before Hysteria, nor after it, they're not what I would call my favorite band. However, I would be amiss to not admit that their aforementioned 1987 album wasn't one I considered perfect in all aspects of the word. It's because of this that I wanted to check out their latest entry to see just what the boys had to offer thirty-five years later (Yikes, has it really been that long?).

Diamond Star Halos has a polished sound, one reminiscent of the loudness made popular in the 90's, while also being able to deliver some slower moments via ballads, or softer rock. However, where it doesn't resonate with me is in offering anything that I would call, "radio friendly". The songs were decent, but by track six I had yet to hear anything catchy, or worthy of a replay. In fact, I couldn't honestly even repeat any of the lyrics from the past five songs because they weren't memorable.

It was at this point that I said to my girl, "You know, I really expected more than mediocrity from a new Def Leppard album." I then asked her if she liked what she was hearing, to which she responded, "Not really."

By track seven, I didn't honestly need to hear anymore. If there was a hidden gem in there, I wasn't going to stick around another eight tracks to hear it. I have far too many albums to make my way through, and time is precious in that regard.

I'm sure, and do hope that devotes of the band found value in this album, and again, I admit, I'm by no means among them as a fan. As such, Diamond Star Halo just wasn't for me, and I'm fine with that. It was a stab in the dark that didn't pan out.

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  1. After a few spins I came to like this record- Take What You Want, Fire It Up, & U Rok Mi are a few catchy rockers on it, but they go to another place on From Here To Eternity & Open Your Eyes. Like ACDC, Def Leppard learned to stick to what they do best for the most part.

    1. I'll give those three a try, and see how it goes. Thanks!