Christmas 2022 - Part II


With people gone home, my girl and I were finally able to get a little down time, and focus on having Christmas together.

The tree was reloaded with our gifts to each other...and the dog, but we didn't dive right in. Rather, we enjoyed the peace and quiet for a while. The dog was having no part of that plan, and promptly took his reindeer chew toy off the pile.

When we finally set out to open our gifts, we let the dog go first with his traditional package. He's become an expert at opening it.

Content with his new toys, we opened our gifts.

My girl got me a whole lot of CD sleeves, both in single and "fat box" sizes. She bought more than enough for me to not only protect my entire collection, but to have many more for future purchases.

You probably wouldn't think that receiving plastic "envelopes" would be all that exciting to someone, and to that, I can say, you would be wrong.

For me, it's elevated my CD's from collection, to collectible. Plus, they make them look so shiny and nice in the sleeves. I've been enjoying bagging them all up, and taking the time while doing so to really enjoy the CD artwork all over again.

That seriously could have been enough for me for the holidays, and it will certainly take me a lot of time to complete this process. But, that was far from it.

I also received some Fallout stuff, which included, bottle caps, an Nuka-World Collector's Tin, and blanket. My girl also got me a red napkin holder for my Coca-Cola table, and a glass that holds a cigar on it. Mind you, I don't drink or smoke. The glass is intended for my Fallout caps. I went online and bought a resin fake cigar to put in the holder on the glass. I'll make sure to snap a photo of the "set" when it arrives.

My Fallout shelf is relatively small, and I like it that way. I need to also add the coin I got in my stocking.

To round everything out, if the above noted wasn't enough, I also got the second, third and fourth seasons of Snorks on DVD, and the last NES game missing in recreating my childhood collection, Wrecking Crew.

Between family visiting, the time spent together with my girl, and the gifts, Christmas was fantastic! Of course, the day will always first and foremost be about Jesus in our house. The true reason for the season, and every day of our lives.

I hope all of you had an enjoyable holiday, and started off on a happy new year!

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  1. I like the Fallout collection even though I've never played it. I see your dog is a little anxious to bust into stuff.

    1. The dog is like a child. He love's getting gifts.

      Unlike other areas of collecting, my Fallout collection is tightly curated. No fluff.