Surfing With The Alien 20th Anniversary Guitar (Ibanez)


Surfing With The Alien 20th Anniversary Guitar

No, don't worry. This website isn't going to turn into one that documents musical instruments. This is a rare and special occasion where I want to take a look at one specifically for its iconic representation. Check it out!

Isn't that awesome! That's the Silver Surfer, all decked out in 3D goodness. Many of you may recognize it from the cover of Joe Satriani's 1987 album, Surfing With The Alien.

Those youngsters out there scratching their heads, and asking, "Who is Joe Satriani (and Silver Surfer)? Well, many of you kiddies have heard Joe, you just don't know it. His song, Always With Me, Always With You, which just so happens to be on this album, was the tune played during the season eight, episode five of American Dad, Why Can't We Be Friends. It's the song that Steve air guitars to Snot, and I know you know what I'm talking about when I reference that.

As for the guitar, the Ibanez Limited Edition JS20TH Joe Satriani 20th Anniversary Signature Model solidbody electric guitar commemorates 20 years of collaboration between the legendary guitarist and Ibanez. It features stunning graphics straight from the album, showcasing a special 3-D Silver Surfer inlay. You also get DiMarzio PAF Pro and Fred humbucking pickups, a JS Prestige neck, and an Edge trem on the Ibanez Limited Edition JS20TH Joe Satriani 20th Anniversary Signature Model.

Basically, it's six strings of awesome.

While it was limited to just 300 pieces, you can still pick one up for around $500.00, which isn't bad for a guitar. I mean, it's not going to be an amazing instrument to play on, when compared to your high end Les Paul's, Martins', or Fender's. But, it will definitely raise questions when people see you jammin' on that axe.

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  1. That's pretty rad! Such a huge album for me at the time it came out.

    1. I have only heard one song off of it. I need to rectify that.

  2. I actually have that record with the Silver Surfer cover! I was working at a radio station while I was in collage and they had a huge library of records. There was a policy of, if you find something you want, you can keep it! I found this album and immediately added it to my vinyl collection based on the cover art alone.

    1. With that policy, that radio station would not have had many albums left after I went through them.