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Huckleberry Toys

I've never actually seen the film ParaNorman. In fact, I don't think I had even heard of it until I came across this series of figures. From what I can gather based on the Wiki page, it's really nothing short of yet another random 3D animation film thrown out there in the midst of 2012 when pretty much every company was jockeying for some form of blockbuster children's movie. The film appeared to be successful in that vein having received relatively positive reviews from critics, so with that said, maybe one day I'll actually check out the movie.

For now, I want to explore the line of toys released by Huckleberry the same year the film was released.

 Zombie Lemuel Spalding*Norman in Pajamas

The kids in the line don't necessarily thrill me, but again, I haven't seen the movie, so I don't really know who they are. It's the zombie characters which stand out for me.

 Zombie Amelia Wilcott*Zombie Will London

It's impressive that Huckleberry created eight different figures for the line, but disappointing at the same time that there was nothing for the figures to interact with. Again, I haven't seen the movie, but can I at least get a playset or vehicle here?


 Alvin*Zombie Judge Hopkins

In addition to the base set figures, Huckleberry released a set of four figures at San Diego Comic Con which featured either different outfits or glow in the dark abilities.

 SDCC Exclusive
Zombie Lemuel Spalding*Norman in Pajamas

SDCC Exclusive
Zombie Judge Hopkins*Norman

It's a neat line, but overall pretty forgettable for me.

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  1. A comment for your previous post - the USS Flagg - since there isn't a comment box. Amazing photo shoot of a holy grail.

    1. Thanks. I'm not sure why it's not letting people post comments on that particular article.