Ovni (Madel)


To date we've only touched on one Madel product - Superman - Which is kind of a shame because the company makes some great toys; such as Ovni!

For those of you fluent with your Spanish, you know that Ovni means UFO in English. This of course is the perfect header for this toy line because it is indeed a spaceship themed line.

"Sustentada por el impulso ascensional de sus convertidores aero dinamicos" - or for the Spanish impaired, "Supported by the upward momentum of its dynamic aero converters." In short, Ovni are fancy kites.

Each one (with the exception of the below Estacion Orbital) comes with a pair of "wings" which you attach to the side of each ship via a long metal "rod" sticking through both ends. You then attach your string, and find some wind outside.


Madel produced three different "ships", as well as the aforementioned Estacion Oribital aka Orbital Station. While the three ships were kites, the orbital station worked much like your typical zip cord helicopter. It also looked nothing like the space station item shown on the package. More so it was just a couple of rotors which sat on top of the "launcher".

ZE-001*Estacion Orbital

All and all, not a bad bit of fun! Who doesn't like a good kite? Find a windy day, and let the time melt away in peace and quite as your kite soars above your head. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

You won't find many of these on secondary markets which cater to countries out of European or Spanish markets - Sorry, folks. No ebay. This of course makes tracking them down a little difficult. However, if you find one you can expect to spend about 25. That's about $28.00 US dollars.

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  1. Great designs on those. The red one looks similar to Buck Rogers' starfighter from the TV show.

    1. Hey...It does. That just makes it all the more cooler.