Gorzak (Tyco)


Gorzak! The monster you control!...but probably have never heard of. Let's start this off by taking a look at the original trailer which aired on television for the "figure".

Good stuff! Makes us wish there was actually a cartoon based on the character. Also makes us wish that Tyco had released some of the blue "army" men to go along with Gorzak. Sadly, they never did.

Gorzak stands roughly thirteen to fifteen inches high, and comes with a beastly looking axe as well as a set of chains that bind his wrist - For a little while anyway. With the help of four C batteries, and the power of your voice commands, Gorzak swings into action, destroying everything in his path.

If you couldn't tell by the commercial, or you didn't watch it, Gorzak is definitely not portraying himself as a good guy. His sole purpose in life is to destroy and murder, but that's typically what giant beasts with equally humongous axes do.

Gorzak falls more so into the uncommon category in terms of finding him on secondary markets. However, this would be for one that is typically loose, and missing accessories. Finding a complete one is much more difficult, and finding one in the box is where you step into rare territory.

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