Announcement - Tomorrow Is Take Your Action Figure To Work Day

Tomorrow is the fourth annual Take Your Action Figure To Work Day. For those of you celebrating this obscure day known to tens of millions of people, grab your favorite figure, and throw him / her / it into your briefcase or pocket to join you for your eight hour grind.

Participating is simple. If you have a camera, action figure and some form of social media site, you're all set. Photograph your figure joining you in your day of work "fun", and then post it on your site.

The idea here is all about fun, and breaking up that monotonous period that many of us go through on a day to day bases just so we can have the pleasure of buying more action figures.

So grab your most covetous one, and show it what tortures you went through to add it to your shelf. More importantly, make it do some of the work for you, and capture it on camera for your site.


  1. I Telecommute, so I am surrounded by my figures daily- I will have to make sure I bring in someone who doesn't normally see my desk

  2. Wish that was me. Sadly while I have a couple items on my desk, it's not at home.

  3. Heh, sounds like a solid event! I work from home these days, although to be honest even back when I had to go into the office I always had a few action figures who lived on my desk there.

    1. How is everyone working from home these days? I want to get on that plan.