The Spectacular Spider-Man: Techno-Wars (Toy Biz)

The Spectacular Spider-Man: Techno-Wars
Toy Biz

There are a lot of Spider-Man lines out there - The majority of which were produced under the Toy Biz banner. However, there are few that are developed under The Spectacular Spider-Man guise. That's what makes the Techno-Wars line so unique, and special to fans of that particular comic book series. Granted, you're not going to see any of these iterations of the characters in the pages of the comic.

As typical of Toy Biz in the mid 1990's, the line is confined to just a handful of characters. It's no secret that Toy Biz was big on gimmicks to sell Marvel related figures, and this is definitely another one of those attempts. Each figure featured bulky / colorful accessories that would scream to passing children, "Buy me!" It wasn't the first time Toy Biz did this, and it certainly wouldn't be the last.

Anti-Symbiote Spidey*Hyper Tech Spider-Man

Radioactive Spider Armor

Ultimate Octopus*Vault Guardsman

The Spectacular Spider-Man
Marvel Comics
1976 - 2011

 Because we're taking a look at a Spectacular Spider-Man toy line, we thought we'd incorporate the entire run of comics into the mix. The series started in 1976, making it the second Spider-Man comic book series to be produced (The Amazing Spider-Man was the first, and Spectacular was followed by Web of Spider-Man which began in 1985).

The series initially started its run as Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man. However, by issue number 134 the series title was shortened, dropping the "Peter Parker" portion.

Though The Spectacular Spider-Man isn't the most popular Spidey title in existence, it's not without its note worthy moments. Some of the best include;

The first appearance of Carrion - Issue 25
The first appearance of Cloak and Dagger - Issue 64
Death of Jean DeWolff - Issues 107 - 110
Kraven's last hunt crossover arc- Issues 131 and 132
Spidey gets cosmic powers - Issue 158
Death of Harry Osbourne - Issue 200

Then thereafter the series gets muddled with the whole Spidey clone nonsense.

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