The Toxic Avenger (Reds, Inc.)

The Toxic Avenger
Reds, Inc.

They're poorly written, they've got the worst "actors" and "actresses" the studio could find, and they're some of the best of the worst films to sit through with your friends. Yes, you haven't had bad TV night until you've had a night of Troma! Featuring such classics as The Class of Nuke 'Em High, Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D., Cannibal! The Musical, Surf Nazis Must Die, and of course, The Toxic Avenger. Mind you, that list doesn't even scratch the surface of the awful, awful films this studio produced - Awful in a good way.

Out of the Troma library, The Toxic Avenger was the only character to really expand into mass media with the very short lived The Toxic Crusader cartoon which ran for thirteen episodes and spawned its own toy line. However, we're not looking at that particular series today. Nope, today we're looking at the one and done The Toxic Avenger from Reds, Inc. which was produced in 1999.

This figure had it all...If you were a fan of Toxie. The sculpt was meticulous to that of the character, and even featured his trusty mop as an accessory. Even the base that came packed in wasn't shy of detail featuring a toxic waste spill complete with drum. For such an unheard of company, this toy was quite frankly one of the best for its time.

The unfortunate side to this figure is that if you're looking for one today - Good luck. They're few and far between, and they're not cheap. You can expect to spend upwards of eighty dollars if you can track one down. That's a lot of cash for....Well, quite frankly anything Troma related. We dare say the figure costs more than Troma's average film budget - Kidding of course!

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  1. This is really interesting! Although I appreciate the accuracy to the film, I do miss the neon colors and overall wackiness compared to the Toxic Crusaders Toxie figure.

    Troma is a gift and a curse.

    1. The Toxic Crusader is a classic line. We're trying to track them all down for a post in the future. No luck yet though.

  2. Damn!Didn't know this existed.It won't be long now before someone decides to release a movie accurate figure.I wonder If Reaction might take a stab at it?

    1. Well now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

      This doesn't sound like something ReAction would touch, but we've been wrong before. Certainly wouldn't be bad if we were.