The Nightmare Before Christmas (Funko / ReAction Figures)

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Funko / ReAction Figures

It's interesting that the film is billed as Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. While he did have his hand in writing it, he didn't do it alone, nor did he direct it.

Tim Burton confusion aside - The Nightmare Before Christmas weaves so much fun into a single story. From great characters to a unique setting and story arc, it seems to have it all - Plus Danny Elfman singing! Huge Oingo Boingo fans over here.

Figures based on the film aren't a new concept, and truth be told - If you're interested in toys based on it, there are better ones out there. These however serve their purpose for what they are - Nostalgic based five points of articulation fun.

 Jack Skellington (Smile)

 Jack Skellington (Surprised)

 Jack Skellington (Evil Grin)

Unlike most of the other ReAction figure lines, this particular series does feature a couple variants - All for Jack Skellington. He comes with three different facial expressions as noted above.



Out of all the ReAction lines we've collected so far, these are by far the most accurate in terms of sculpt. Then again, these aren't humans, so it would be a little harder to extended disbelief with if they looked to far off.




Funko actually managed to produce a pretty good exclusive here. We get Jack Skellington with an open mouth grin, and a packed in Zero figure. Out of all the exclusives that Funko has plopped out for the ReAction Figure series, this one is by far the only one we see much value in obtaining.

This particular exclusive is also what launched the series in general; as denoted by the "Early Bird Figure" blurb on the front of the package. The back depicts all the series one figures which would later be released.

2014 SDCC Exclusive
Jack Skellington and Zero

They followed 2014's exclusive with the 2015 orange ornament set featuring Jack and Sally (each sold separately of course).

2015 SDCC Exclusive
Jack Skellington Ornament*Sally Ornament

There's a ton of room for this line to grow, and hopefully Funko will do just that. It would be disappointing to get another half attempt Nightmare toy line. We've had plenty of those already.

Join us next time when we take a look at two Funko ReAction Figure lines!

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