Horror Series (Funko / ReAction Figures)

Horror Series
Funko / ReAction Figures

You can keep your Dracula, Frankenstein,  The Mummy and Wolfman. Those old skool horror icons have run their course for us. We're more into the horror icons from our own era - The 70's and 80's! Bring on the Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and Michael Meyers to get us excited.

Funko appeases in that regard with the all new Horror Series in the ReAction Figures line.

First up we get Jason Voorhees, the murderous killer at Camp Crystal Lake who in and of himself was nothing short of a victim due to the poor supervision of the counselors. That's right, we're justifying his actions. Probably the most fun aspect of the whole Friday the 13th series (for us) was how incredibly cheesy and predictable each consecutive one got. It became less about the story, and more about what insane way Jason would choose to wipe someone out.

 Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

Out of all the 80's horror flick series, A Nightmare on Elm Street is our absolute favorite - With the exception of Wes Cravin's New Nightmare and anything beyond that. There was always something that was just fun about the way that Freddy would taunt his victims before finally doing them in.

 Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Then there's Michael Meyers from Halloween. An equally good series of horror flicks that out of all of the above seemed to be focused the most on story - Give or take a handful of installments. Yes, Meyers is a dreadful killer, but one that was established with motives that were constantly being revisited and evolved.

 Michael Myers (Halloween)

Hellraiser has its ups and downs. Some of the installments are really good, while others seem to fall flat on their face. Truthfully, Hellraiser: Bloodlines (number 4) is our all time favorite - Mainly because it digs deep into the story of Pinhead and his fellow Cenobites.

 Pinhead (Hellraiser III - Hell on Earth)

The first Scream was a pretty good flick for its time - Though dated these days. I remember busting out laughing a couple years ago at the part where Billy (Skeet Ulrich), Sidney's boyfriend is being questioned by the sheriff who asks, "What's a kid your age doing with a cell phone?" Priceless.

Personally for us, the franchise just fell flat from the first one on as it tried and failed to weave an intricate plot that would have us believe that Sidney had a long lost brother (the killer in the third film) who in turn manipulated Billy's mom (the killer in the second film), and Billy and his friend (the duo of killers in the first film) to randomly start killing people in a vain effort to kill Sidney...When they could have just killed her in the first place, and just called it a day. We haven't bothered with the installments past number three.

Regardless of our opinion on the film, our opinion of the figure is that he's still an iconic horror movie character, regardless of who was behind the mask. Meaning, we love the figure itself.

 Ghost Face (Scream)

Trick 'r Treat was a horror film we long anticipated to see, and when we finally got the opportunity were not disappointed. It's a great horror film that basically takes segments, and weaves them together into one larger story arc.

Sam is a great horror film icon, and one we're disappointed hasn't been seen much since.

 Sam (Trick 'r Treat)

The Crow is one of our ultimate all time favorite movies which we still watch pretty consistently these days. Everyone in that movie did an awesome job in their respective roles. That said...What exactly does The Crow have to do with a horror series? It wasn't a horror film, rather a comic book action film. It's as much a horror film as it was a romance flick.

Still...It's The Crow, and if that's the only way Funko would release it, we'll take it - Even though they could have made an entire series based on the film...Just saying.

Eric Draven (The Crow)

For those of you who enjoy paying a premium for the same figure with a different paint job, Funko released two Toy Tokyo exclusives via New York Toy Fair 2015 - 8-bit versions of Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger.

 Jason Voorhees (8-Bit) - New York Toy Fair / Toy Tokyo Exclusive

Freddy Krueger (8-Bit) - New York Toy Fair / Toy Tokyo Exclusive

Where does Funko go with a horror series from there? We're eager to find out with future releases.

Join us next time when we take a look at The Nightmare Before Christmas!

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  1. I love all of these figures & should get on the ball to grab them. I only have 8-bit Jason - found him at the Toy Tokyo shop in NYC about 3 months after NYCC. I still haven't had the heart to tear open the packaging!

    1. So far I've resisted the urge to open mine as well. They just look so cool in that retro style packaging.

  2. After seeing the figures in the stores, this and the Universal Monsters series are the only ones that really call out to me. They just seem to work better than the figures based on newer properties, like Firefly and Pulp Fiction.

    The inclusion of the Crow is odd, though I remember McFarlane toys doing the same thing when they released their Movie Maniacs line.

    1. I really want Funko to do just a straight up Crow line with all the characters from the movie.