Mighty Muggs - Indiana Jones (Hasbro)

Mighty Muggs - Indiana Jones

We've covered a fair amount of Indiana Jones toys "HERE" at The Toy Box, so there's not a whole lot we can say about the franchise in general at this point - So we won't.

Around 2008 (or so), the world of collectibles went crazy with the inception of mini distorted figures. Funko and Hasbro have been cashing in on that craze for years now, and there's no signs that it's slowing down any time soon - Though Funko has certainly made more of a killing at it than Hasbro.

2008's Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs line helped to cement that craze with popular iterations of everyone's favorite whip wielding archeologist. Hasbro unfortunately didn't cover a lot of ground before they were off to more popular licenses, but they still managed to produce a fun assortment of mini figures.

 Cairo Swordsman*Dr. Henry Jones

 Indiana Jones*Mola Ram

 Monkey Man*Mutt Williams

 Sallah*Short Round

Fertility Idol

Though numerous key players didn't get the chance to be imagined in vinyl, it was fairly exciting to see Hasbro give just a little bit of love to every Indiana Jones film.

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