Home Alone (THQ)

Home Alone

By 1991 Home Alone wasn't the kind of movie we personally wanted to see. In fact to date, we still haven't. Regardless, there's no denying that the film took the general public by storm, and skyrocketed young Macaulay Culkin into fame - Brief fame, but fame none-the-less.

Much like all child actors before him, once Mr. Culkin hit that magic age of...Well, whatever age that is...The public was done with him.

Though merchandise from the film wasn't all that common during its hay days, companies such as THQ did produce a limited amount of items, as did Tiger. We won't be looking at the Tiger items today.

Screaming Kevin was the first item. It was a smaller action figure which essentially would scream such as the character did in the film. We're not sure why you would want a screaming figure, but THQ has got you covered if you do.

Screaming Kevin

If you like your Kevin figures to do more than scream in your face, THQ also had you covered with a talking doll version. This particular version said numerous phrases from the film all with the pull of a string.

Kevin says things such as;

"I made my family disappear."
"Okay, come and get me!"
"You guys give up, or are you thirsty for more?"

and of course


Talking Kevin

What's hilarious about the talking doll is that the mechanism inside is prone to breaking causing Kevin to sound like a chipmunk when saying his phrases. If you're looking to buy one on secondary markets, make sure to ask the question or you could end up with a squeaky one as opposed to a perfectly working one.

Prices fluctuate heavily with these items depending on the voice mechanism in the character working correctly or not. Mint in package Screaming Kevin has sold from as little as $5.00, and up to $50.00. Talking Kevin can range anywhere from $30.00 to $140.00.

Join us next time when we take a look at The Iron Giant!

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  1. I remember seeing these in stores, and having absolutely no interest in them at all. I think they could have made a real line of action figures of Kevin and the burglars with action features, and they would have sold.

    1. These were definitely "novelties" as opposed to a seriously thought out toy line.

    2. Good point, I hadn't considered that. Did THQ also produce the Urkel talking doll?

    3. No, believe it or not, that was Hasbro that did that one.

  2. Totally forgot they made toys of Kevin...I just remember the Talk Boy from Tiger lol.

    1. Tiger made a few models of the Talk Boy - Several models long after the movie ran its course.