G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Hasbro)

I'll admit it. I really liked the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie. But, then again, I also liked the original animated G.I. Joe movie with Cobra La - So, perhaps when it comes to G.I. Joe, either I simply have no taste, or I just feel like the series can do no wrong.

Despite general public outcry over the film, it didn't stop Hasbro from producing a toy series, and furthermore didn't stop collectors from depleting the toy isles of them within days of release.


The series launched with the widely released multipack known as the M.A.R.S. Troopers. While at the time few knew just what exactly a M.A.R.S. was, it helped to fuel the online rumor mill, and build up more anticipation for the film - Something that was vastly needed as the film was already suffering major backlash from fans chiming in on various movie related websites voicing their concerns over set pictures and casting decisions.


The basic figures launched in full assault just days before the film hit theaters. Rather than focus strictly on the film, Hasbro took the opportunity to appease Joe fans by releasing updated, modernized figures of characters who didn't appear in the film, while at the same time also producing ones that did. In the long run, it was probably what kept the series alive for the short time period it lasted.

Toys R' Us must have seen some form of potential in the series as they took the opportunity to offer exclusive figures right off the bat.

Conrad "Duke" Hauser (Desert Ambush), Snake Eyes (Ninja Commando), Barbeque (Firefighter) (Toys R' Us Exclusive)
Baroness (Attack on G.I. Joe PIT), Destro (Weapon Supplier), Storm Shadow (Ninja Mercenary), Firefly (Saboteur) (Toys R' Us Exclusive)

A known variant exists for the Snake Eyes (Paris Pursuit) and Cobra Commander figures. Snake Eyes has been found with both a black and a grey wolf, while Cobra Commander has been found with and without holes in the chest.

Conrad "Duke" Hauser (Reactive Impact Armor), Shana "Scarlett" O'Hara (Desert Ambush), Snake Eyes (Paris Pursuit) (Grey Timber), Snake Eyes (Paris Pursuit) (Black Timber), Bench-Press (Infantry Combat Specialist) (Toys R' Us Exclusive)
Cobra Commander (Holes in Chest), Cobra Commander (No Holes), Ice Viper (Arctic Assault), Storm Shadow (Paris Pursuit), Snow Serpent (Polor Combat Specialist) (Toys R' Us Exclusive)

Both Rex "The Doctor" Lewis and Storm Shadow (Arctic Assault) were released with variant versions. Rex has both a black and a white coat - While Storm Shadow comes with and without his mask.

Conrad "Duke" Hauser (Ultra Accelorator Suit), Wallace "Rippcord" Weems (Reacitve Impact Armor), Snake Eyes (Arctic Assault), Baroness (Paris Pursuit), Para Viper (Cobra Paratrooper)
Rex "The Doctor" Lewis (Black Coat), Rex "The Doctor" Lewis (White Coat), Storm Shadow (Arctic Assault) (No Mask), Storm Shadow (Arctic Assault) (with Mask)

Abel "Breaker" Shaz (Technical Surveilance), Heavy Duty (Heavy Weapons Specialist), Wallace "Ripcord" Weems (Ultra Accelorator Suit), Shana "Scarlett" O'Hara (Covert Operations)
Shipwreck (Naval Commando), Cobra Viper Commando (Desert Ambush), Zartan (Master of Disguise)

Courtney "Cover Girl" Krieger (Special Weapons Officer), Deep Six (Combat Diver)
Heavy Duty (Reactive Impact Armor), Sgt. Stone (Special Forces Commando)

The G.I. Joe PIT Commando (Covert Military Force) was released with a variant version which was only different by way that the accessories were displayed in the package.

Agent Helix (Covert Operations), Anthony "Flash" Cambello (Laser Rifle Trooper), General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy Attack on the G.I. Joe PIT), G.I. Joe PIT Commando (Covert Military Force), G.I. Joe PIT Commando (Covert Military Force)(Variant)
Cobra Eel (Underwater Trooper), Crimson Neo-Viper (Combat Royal Guard), Elite-Viper (Elite Regiment Officer)

Charbroil (Flamethrower), Kamakura (Ninja Apprentice), Carl "Doc" Greer (Arctic Threat) (Toys R' Us Exclusive), Shipwreck (Arctic Threat) (Toys R' Us Exclusive)
Nano-Viper (Cobra Commando), Night Adder (Cobra Security Officer), Red Fang Ninja (Cobra Ninja)

Commander "Duke" Hauser (City Strike), Wallace "Ripcord" Weems (Jungle Assault), Snake Eyes (City Strike)
Desert Viper (Desert Battle), Storm Shadow (Arctic Threat)


Target, Toys R' Us, and K Mart all offered exclusive multipacks.

G.I. Joe Rescue Mission, Attack on the G.I. Joe PIT Headquarters
Cobra Senior OFficers, G.I. Joe Senior Officers

Five Pack 1 of 2, Five Pack 2 of 2
Four Pack


Target offered deluxe figures, most of which were repainted prior figures.

James "Grand Slam" Barney with Air Assault Glider, Snake Eyes with Arashikage Cycle
Air Viper Commando with Cobra C.L.A.W., Cobra Eel with Wave Crusher

Wet Suit with Dragonfish, Air Viper with Rocket Pack
Cobra Viper Commando with Serpent Armor, Storm Shadow with Arashikage Cycle


Walmart released exclusive two packs in their store known as the "Vs." line. Each pack included a G.I. Joe team figure, and a Cobra team figure. The packaging was the same for the first three figures, than changed for the last.

Gung Ho Vs. Copperhead, Shockblast Vs. Night Creeper
Tunnel Rat Vs. Monkey Wrench, Snake Eyes Vs. Storm Shadow


Walmart also released a set of mini playsets. Each set contained two figures and a stationary diorama playset.

Heatseek Missile System, Outpost Defender
Laser Artillery Weapon, Surveillance Port


What was great about the line of vehicles that were released was that all of them included a figure packed in, most of which were never released on single cards.

The Cobra Gunship was released with two versions of Firefly - One with a black helmet, and another with a red helmet.

Armored Panther with Sgt. Thunderblast, Rockslide A.T.A.V. with Snow Job, Ice Dagger with Frostbite
Mole Pod with Terra-Viper, Snake Trax A.T.V. with Scrap-Iron, Cobra Gunship with Firefly (Red Helmet)
Night Raven with Air-Viper, Cobra Gunship with Firefly (Black Helmet), Steel Crusher A.P.V. with Nitro-Viper

Rocklide A.T.A.V. and Mole Pod Two Pack with Snow Job and Terra-Viper
PIT Mobile Headquarters with General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy

The Snarler Cycle with Wayne "Beachhead" Sneeden and Rollbar was released in two different versions, but with nothing different other than the figure location in relation to each other in the package. The first has Rollbar sitting in the side car while the second has him standing behind the bike.

The Mantis Attack Craft with Aqua-Viper also has two variations, which are also only changes to the actual packaging. The first has the figure with no helmet on. The second has the helmet on.

Sky Sweeper Jet with Air Raid, Snarler Cycle with Wayne "Beachhead" Sneeden and Rollbar (Rollbar Sitting),Snarler Cycle with Wayne "Beachhead" Sneeden and Rollbar (Rollbar Standing)
Dragonhawk XH1 with Wild Bill, Mantis Attack Craft with Aqua-Viper Officer (Helmet Off)
Mantis Attack Craft with Aqua-Viper Officer (Helmet On), Crimson Hydra with Aero-Viper

Polar Sharc Submarine with Ice Storm, Desert Rockslide A.T.A.V with Dusty
Tiger Claw A.T.V. with Leatherneck, Lava Pod with Volcano Viper


Rip Attack vehicles were vehicles packed in with hand held launchers. Load the cycle on, hit the button, and launch it forward.

Jet Storm Cycle with Snake Eyes, Tiger Snake with Street Viper


Target and Toys R' Us both offered exclusive vehicles.

R.H.I.N.O. with Rampage
Rockslide A.T.A.V. with Snow Job Past and Present Two Pack, Sting Raider with Copperhead and Swamp Viper

Several more figures and vehicles were planned for The Rise of Cobra series that were never released. However, rather than dumping the designs completely, Hasbro rolled over the majority of these concepts into the next G.I. Joe line, "The Pursuit of Cobra which launched shortly after this series ended. We'll take a look at that series another time, so stay tuned for that.

Join us next Monday for our look at Adult Swim!

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