Retro Spins: Weird Al Yankovic - In 3-D

In 3-D, or In 3D, without the hyphen, was the first album from Weird Al Yankovic which I was introduced to in the 80's. It was of course made highly popular by its inclusion of Eat It, the parody of Michael Jackson's Beat It. As a kid, I giggled with glee as I listened to the funny sounds, unique music style and humorous lyrics.

As an adult, this is no different. As Eat It launched the album for today's Retro Spins, I found myself giggling to the hand "fart" sounds which played in time with the drum beat.

Though it's not my favorite, In 3-D certainly has some of the strongest tracks from Al's library of hits. Though I didn't know it at the time, I can appreciate his original songs done in the style of Bob Marley (Buy Me A Condo) and B-52's (Mr. Popeil). Though I don't know for certain, I think this was his way of parodying bands who wouldn't give him the rights to certain songs he wanted to directly spoof.

However, as I've said time and time again when talking about the artist, my favorite material from him has always been when he wrote and recorded his own original music. Two of my favorite tracks from him are featured on this particular album, That Boy Could Dance and Nature Trail To Hell. When he's not bound to mimicking someone else, Weird Al shows and shines his talents to their fullest.

In fact, I'd be lying if I said I didn't think his parody tracks were the weakest material on the album. Naturally, you can't go wrong with Eat It. However, King Of Suede, The Brady Bunch, I Lost On Jeopardy and Theme From Rocky XIII (Rye Or The Kaiser) really fall flat.

Another aspect that Al does great are his polkas, and Polkas On 45 is no exception to this. Though it's nothing short of a medley of hits from other artists, I enjoy the comedic style in which they're mishmash-ed together.

Overall, it's always been a satisfying album to listen to. In 3-D was a staple in my library as a kid (on vinyl) and remains so as an adult (on CD).

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