Retro Spins: Janet Jackson - Control

I assure you all of these Jackson related titles I've been reviewing here lately have been purely coincidental.

I actually listed to Janet's Control several weeks ago, then somehow forgot to right up anything about it. As such, this is going to be one of those "from memory" posts. Hopefully I touch on everything I remember from it.

Control was the first album I heard from the singer, and while I'm aware she had two prior albums, which I have, I've not gotten around to listening to them yet. Based on my limited knowledge of her, my understanding is that this particular album was her break out. Rightly so, it's great.

Of the nine tracks on the album, six charted on the Billboard top one hundred. While all of them went into the top five, only one, When I Think Of You, made it to the number one spot. Still, that's a heck of an achievement.

My playthrough of the album was very enjoyable. I wasn't honestly expecting to like it as much as I did, and even had to take a step back to appreciate the many songs from it I had forgotten over the years. Well, let me rephrase that. It wasn't that I forgot the songs, it was that I forgot they were on this album.

This post is really summed up at this point. I could continue to prattle on about Control, but really, it's one of those iconic albums from the 80's and Janet's career. There's not much more to say about it.

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