Retro Spins: Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid

My personal introduction to Alice Cooper didn't happen until 1989 with his album, Trash. To me, it may as well have been his first. I'd never heard of the guy. It was a pretty decent album. Decent enough that when his follow up, Hey Stoopid, was released in 1991 I picked it up on cassette.

Mind you, this was back in the day when there was no Youtube. I wasn't able to go to a streaming site and listen to a few tracks to determine if I wanted the album. Nope. If it wasn't on the radio, you essentially bought in good faith that an artist you liked would continue to deliver the goods.

Thankfully, this paid off. Hey Stoopid remains my all time favorite album from Cooper. Now I know some of you are thinking right now that I'm crazy. Alice Cooper has had classic hits from the 70's that remain a staple in his concert tours. Nobody even remembers Hey Stoopid.

Alright, I won't deny that. I won't disagree with it either. It's not exactly rated one of the best albums of all time. For me though, it is.

The excitement slowly builds as the chanting of, "Hey, hey, hey, hey," repeats with the drum, and  then takes off as it launches into the title track of the album. If you listen carefully, you'll hear the distinct voice of rocker Ozzy Osbourne singing back up. From there, the album delivers a variety of great tracks, good tracks and just okay ones.

Throughout the record, Alice delivers a variety of hard rock and ballads all with full emotion and energy. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find it on Hey Stoopid.

The great tracks, for me, are Hey Stoopid, Snakebite, Might As Well Be On Mars (my absolute favorite on the album) and Wind-Up Toy. The good tracks, again, for me, are Loves A Loaded Gun, Burning Our Bed, Dangerous Tonight, Feed My Frankenstein, Hurricane Years and Die For You. Meanwhile, the just okay ones are Little By Little and Dirty Dreams.

Look, I could sit here and just keep reiterating how great this album is, or you could do yourself a favor and go check it out for yourself.

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