Retro Spins: The Cure - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

The Cure
Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

I don't think I'm going to be a fan of The Cure. This was their first album I've ever heard and I don't think I really want to hear anymore. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me was honestly just too long (approximately an hour and fifteen minutes) and didn't feature much that stood out for me.

My first introduction to the band actually occurred in 1994 when I saw The Crow and subsequently bought the soundtrack. From the album, my standout favorite was Burn - Which of course is by The Cure. Though I didn't immediately go seeking any of their other work out, I always enjoyed the tune. In fact, it wasn't until my visit to Timmonium in March of 2018 that I actually bought my first official album from the band. For those of you who haven't put all of it together yet, it was this particular CD I'm talking about today.

When the opening track, The Kiss, started I got a little on the edge of my seat excited. I loved the deep guitar work and the build up it was going for. Catch followed this track and while I wasn't as hooked it sounded decent. Then the album just kept going and going and going and going until I finally found myself drifting off uninterested.

It wasn't until seven started that the album once again got my attention. However, this was only because the "sound effects" throughout the track were very reminiscent of Burn from The Crow. The song itself wasn't all that great.

Track eight is one many people would probably know if they heard it, but maybe not by the title, Just Like Heaven. It's one of three of the tracks from the album to hit the charts in 1987. The song made it to number forty by December of that same year, but by January was working its way back down.

The Cure had very mild chart success with Why Can't I Be You and Hot Hot Hot. Both tracks debuted fairly low on the charts and only lasted a week each.

Overall I think what really killed this album for me was the excessive length and not really hearing anything different from song to song. It all just kind of meshed into one giant track. While I have one other Cure CD in my library, I don't see myself pursuing anything further from the band unless the second (unheard) album blows me away. We'll see.

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