Retro Spins: Billy Idol - Don't Stop

Billy Idol
Don't Stop

If last week's album was too long, Billy Idol's Don't Stop qualifies as too short. Then again, the album is actually the singer's debut EP. As most of you know, EP's aren't exactly supposed to be chalk full of tracks.

The EP features four songs; Mony Mony, Baby Talk, Untouchables and Dancing with Myself and an MTV interview. Fans of Idol will want this album strictly for being the only studio release with Mony Mony and technically the only one with Dancing with Myself until the 1983 reissue of his self titled album. Sure, you can get them both on compilations...But it's not the same thing!

Though brief, the album is a great introduction to what the world would soon expect from Billy Idol. It was commercial punk at its best. More importantly it's fun. Each track hits hard and leaves you wanting more. The twelve minute interview with Martha Quinn at the end of the album is a great flashback to the heydays of MTV and also a usual look into the life of Idol from those days and how it all began for him.

Oddly, for as popular as Mony Mony and Dancing with Myself were, the tracks never made their way to the charts.

Overall, great EP! A handful of perfect songs from Idol. The LP version is readily available on secondary markets, but these days the CD version is getting harder and harder to find. The cheap end is still going to cost you roughly $20.00 - Which isn't terrible I suppose.

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