Cause If You're Gonna Sell, You May As Well Be A Jerk About It...

I often like to peruse ebay looking for "large" listings of toy collections. Not necessarily because I'm interested in buying them, but rather because I just like looking at people's collections, sold or otherwise.

During one of my searches, I came across this particular one;

Picture wise, it was a pretty awesome collection.
Then I got to the actual description, and that's when my nose immediately turned upwards. This guy comes off as quite a jerk.

Okay, I get it. You're proud of your collection, which is odd at the same time that you want to sell it, but can you not come off as a complete jerk about it? The description has a foul stench of arrogance, and as a potential buyer, that's a turn off. I've dealt with a lot of dealers over the course of time of my collection being built and I can tell you, for me at least, their overall attitude was a contributing factor in whether or not they got my money.

This guy points out in his description that his collection is well worth the asking price, and he could care less of what someone's opinion on the matter is. He further states he's not budging on his price. Well, I hate to tell this guy, but he should absolutely care about the opinion of someone else on the price. Especially if that someone was interested in his collection and wanted to make a fair and reasonable offer.

Further, he then goes on to contradict his own claim that his collection is worth the asking price of $25,000.00 by stating based on his own calculations that it's worth $15,000.00 to $20,000.00. So which is it? Is it worth $15K, $20K or $25K? It can't be worth all three.

The seller then goes on to say he doesn't even care if he sells these items or not, because he will enjoy them in the interim. As a collector and potential buyer, this is totally baffling to me. Why would you invest the time and money to collect, then list it for sale with a statement that you don't even really want to sell it? Why list it? Just keep it. You're clearly on a mission to turn people off from buying it anyway.

This whole listing is a complete conundrum to me. I really don't wish the guy any ill will. If he truly wants to sell these items, which again, I'm not too sure on, then he needs to tone down the attitude. He's shooting himself in the foot with his own mouth...or keyboard if you will. Sales 101 - Be a likeable salesman.

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