The Goon (Mezco)

The Goon

The Goon is a series created, written and drawn by Eric Powell in 1999. When the series first debuted under the banner of Avatar Press, Powell was unhappy with the quality of their books, and soon stopped turning in work for publication. When his contract expired, he instead moved to self publishing where his series caught the eye of Dark Horse Comics who picked it up and continue to publish it to date.

Many of the stories take on a comedic approach which is intertwined with heavy violence and a touch of the supernatural. The average story will contain various undead creatures such as zombies, mutants, ghosts, etc. As a result, The Goon is very much so an adult themed comic.

In 2005, Mezco produced a very small series of figures based on the books. The series included only four figures, five if you include the chase variant of The Goon himself, and six if you include the build a zombie figure which could be made by purchasing all four of the basic figures.


Joey the Ball

The Goon*The Goon (Chase Variant)

Zombie Priest


The Goon probably isn't one of those series that your average collector would pick up, but all and all it's not a bad toy line.

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