Kong (Mezco)


Today will be short and sweet.

One of the most interesting things to note about Mezco's 2008 Kong line is that the packaging is almost identical to that of Playmates Toys line from 2005. Coincidence?

Mezco produced three different variations of a fifteen inch Kong - The only difference being the facial sculpt. The "figure" featured limited amount of articulation - Limited to swivel joints in both the arms and legs. However, this worked rather well considering the poses that one would go for in a Kong figure. Additionally, the paint job was amazing. It showcased high details in particular to the flesh deep scratches all over Kong's body.

Beyond that, there's not much more to say. It's Kong - The eighth wonder of the world.

Kong (Fierce Face)*Kong (Somber Face)*Kong (Rampage Face)

If you're a fan of Kong, and looking to add this particular line you better start saving your pennies now. Loose ones have sold for upwards of $200.00, with mint in the box ones easily going for twice that.

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  1. Cool figures. Never knew about these.

    1. They weren't very popular when they first came out. I don't think many store reordered beyond their first shipments.