Saturday Night Live 25th (X-Toys)

Saturday Night Live 25th

"Oooofff!"  X-Toys fell hard out of the starting gate with its Wing Commander toys, and only fell further off the radar with its final release of figures based on Saturday Night Live characters.  The company came and went within two years, after producing only three toy lines; this one, our prior posted Wing Commander, and (our soon coming) Wild Wild West (that's right, that Will Smith movie).

Samurai Baker*Mary Katherine Gallagher

Nat X*Goat Boy

There is no doubt about it that starting a new toy company can be an uphill challenge.  It's not all about having talented sculptors.  You also have to have a product that people want.  Unfortunately X-Toys simply could never get that last part right.

Join us next time when we take a look at Animal House!

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