Retro Spins: Chicago - 17

For as much as I like the song, Stay The Night, by Chicago, I have to admit that in my older years it's become known to me as the rape song. I mean, the lyrics are right there, plain as day. "I won't take no if that's your answer." It doesn't get any clearer than that what the singer's intentions are. It's cringe worthy, and it kind of makes you feel guilty to find yourself singing along.

Chicago has a unique way of titling their albums. It makes it convenient for sorting them in order, but man, does it feel lazy.

I'm sure I've said this many times before. I know Chicago's hits, but beyond that, I'm not so much in tune with their music. In listening to the few albums I have from them, I can honestly say at this point that this point of view is not going to change. I like the hits, the rest I can easily pass on.

Which leads me to today's list of Chicago 17. Of their handful of albums I own, this one packs the most of the songs that I wanted in my personal catalog of music. Tracks such as, Stay The Night, Hard Habit To Break, Along Comes A Woman and You're The Inspiration are all present and accounted for. Well worth the buy in price for those alone.

As for the rest of the album, and as I kind of already stated above, it wasn't for me. The music wasn't bad. It just wasn't catchy. Nothing really memorable, so to speak. Still, there's no denying that Chicago isn't stacked to the brim with talent. Of the various 80's bands that went mainstream, they certainly stand out in the unique crowd for their combination of pop and horns mix.

Overall, I'm interested in diving into the remaining albums I have, but I probably won't venture beyond that.

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