Retro Spins: Men At Work - Cargo

Men At Work's 1983 album, Cargo, has been on my want list for quite some time. I'd been wanting to hear it since first listening the Men At Work's 1981 album, Business As Usual. Despite this, it took me a really long time to get around to it. Mainly because I wanted an original copy, and not the deluxe or re-released versions which had flooded the market.

After finally getting a chance to hear it, I was admittedly a little bummed out. Out of the ten tracks, only two stood out - Overkill, which is the song I bought the album for, and High Wire, which was a song I never heard before. The rest, while not terrible, simply didn't deliver.

Overall, it was decent for background noise, but honestly served as just that. I dare say I barely paid attention to it.

Well, I guess this one can be short and sweet. This may very well be one of the shortest Retro Spins I've ever written.

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