The Karate Kid (Remco)

The Karate Kid

While growing up, I only knew one kid who had Karate Kid toys - Me. I have to say, that all those kids who passed up this toy line for others really missed out. I loved these toys. They had tons of buttons to push for punching and kicking action, and they each came with an interactive accessory, I.E. a breakable wall, or boards.

Being a huge fan of the movies as a kid (and to an extent, still today), I ate these toys up. They weren't easy to find, but when I did, "Mom, mom, mom!" I would shout as I came running down various toy isles looking for her in the store. You know how it goes.

There were only two series released in The Karate Kid line. Each series had six figures (not including variants), and oddly enough, were the same in both. While the figures had different clothes, accessories and action moves, they were essentially the same.

What made the series unique was its Auto-Release Tri-Action - Meaning that each figure could throw some form of punch, kick and could also twist at the waist. All of this was achieved with a push of the button on the back, or simply twisting the body left and right.

With all the variants considered, there were a total of eleven figures were produced for series 1. The figures came on purple cards, and each was packed in with a mini playset accessory. The first series included; Daniel with Break-Away Wood, Daniel with Break-Away Board (No Kimono), Daniel with Break-Away Ice, Myagi with Break-Away Pole, Myagi with Break-Away Wood, Myagi with Break-Away Wood (no undershirt), Kreese with Break-Away Wall, Johnny with Break-Away Wall, Johnny with Break-Away Wall (no Kimono), Sato with Break-Away Chain, and Chozen with Break-Away Board.

A six piece action set was also produced which came with Daniel and Myagi with several mini playset accessories, and a pair of chopsticks for catching flies (as seen in the film).

The second set came packaged on red bubble cards, but kept the same basic design as the first series. Series two include the same figures as series one, but with different Kimono's. Each figure was once again packaged with mini playset accessories.

The figures were; Daniel with Break-Away Ice, Myagi with Break-Away Log, Kreese with Break-Away Chair, Johnny with Break-Away Bamboo Fence, Sato with Break-Away Fighting Poles, and Chozen with Break-Away Fighting Poles.

During the line, three playsets were produced, one which included the ref figure from the first movie. With the exception of the Competition Center, the playsets offered almost endless interactive possibilities. From pieces that could be "broken" off with a kick or punch from your figure, to moving bits and pieces, the toys had everything a kid was looking for.

The three playsets were; Attack Alley & Training Center (series 1), Competition Center with Ref (series 1), and Sato's Cannery (series 2).

Interesting about the playsets is that some websites make reference to a Corner Challenge Playset, as a forth playset for the line, though no known piece has been confirmed to exist, and no photos appear to exist of the item.


We found not only the Corner Challenge Playset, but also the Break-Away Challenge Playset!  That brings The Karate Kid line to a total of five playsets!

The Karate Kid toy line was short lived, and I totally think that kids who didn't have these toys really missed out. Even typing about them now I'm getting excited. My impulsive self is telling me, "You should get those off of EBay," - Which, would be hotness if I had a bucket full of cash I wasn't using. But, since I don't, I'll have to settle for the memories I have from my childhood. So, whether you missed the line or not, I hope you enjoyed this look back at yet another great toy line!

See my revised Remco Karate Kid shelves "HERE"!

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  1. Awesome article! I never got into the Karate Kid toy line, but it is a pretty cool one.

    I'd love to see photos of toys from Remco's Universal Monsters line. Got any? Thanks!

    1. The Remco "Official Universal Studios" line is a pretty tough one to come by. The ones that are out there are really expensive, and the rest are just near impossible to find.

      We'll do some digging around and see if we can't come up with something. Thanks for the comment and for reading.

  2. I had no idea these were ever made. I need a Mr. Myagi, to out next to a Michael Knight figure and a Chuck Norris Karate Kommando figure.

    1. Happy hunting! They're not cheap - Unless you want one without the accessories.

  3. Thank you for writing this. I've been on a Karate Kid kick since watching Cobra Kai on Netflix. I loved the movies back in the day, but didn't buy Karate Kid figures because I was too busy buying Transformers, GI Joe and He-Man figures. But the TV show has gotten me thinking of the Karate Kid figures, which came out in the Golden Age of action figures (the 1980s).

    I do remember my local K-Mart and Kay Bee Toys selling these figures. The Karate Kid figures with the cloth gi jackets -- it's a gi, not a kimono -- looked so high-quality, because most figures didn't have cloth, other than maybe a cape. My K-Mart also put these particular figures inside of a class case -- sort of like how a drug store would lock up cough medicine -- and you'd have to ask an employee to look at them. Not sure why these were put in a case, while GI Joe figures were out in the open, but just an observation I remember 30+ years later.

    1. Some stores put the higher costing figures in cases to avoid potential theft.

      As for the line itself, it's a great one! I've put a collection of the loose figures together. Check them out at the link below:

    2. Very cool collection post. The figures look great. (FYI, I think Kreese's first name is John, and not Kyle.)

      Now I want to know that secrets are contained in Mr. Miyagi's scrolls. Perhaps one day you will open them and scan them for the world to see!

    3. Ha! You know what happened? I had Kyle Reese from Terminator in my head. Fixed it though. Thanks for pointing that out.