Cops (N' Crooks) (Hasbro)

Cops (N' Crooks)
1988 - 1989

The year was 1988. The company was Hasbro. Like most toy lines of the 80's, C.O.P.S. (which by series two became C.O.P.S. N' Crooks) spawned not only a toy line, but a cartoon series and a short lived comic series produced by Star Comics (part of Marvel Comics). The show took a different approach than your typical good guy organization versus some random bad guy organization and made it simple. Cops lead by Bullet-Proof verses crooks run by Big Boss. It was your every day typical scenario. Well, except for the whole high tech gadgets and gizmos with destined to fail plains from the baddies.

There were twenty-four figures released over the two series Hasbro produced. Those figures included (left to right, top to bottom - series number is dictated in parenthesis after name):

Sgt. Mace (1), Highway (1), Longarm (1)

Officer Bowzer and Blitz (1), Airwave (2), A.P.E.S. (2)

Taser (2), Powder Keg (2), Inferno (2)

Barricade (1), Bullet-Proof (1), Sundown (1)

Nightstick (2), and Checkpoint (2), Rock Krusher (1)

Louie the Plumber (2), Big Boss (1), Buttons McBoomBoom (1)

Beserko (1), Nightmare (2), Hyena (2)

Dr. Badvibes (1), Koo Koo (2), and Bullit (2)

Each figure also had a file card printed on the back of the package that contained a biography of the character. These file cards were written by Larry Hama, who also wrote the file cards for Hasbro’s G.I. Joe action figures. The artwork made for each package is illustrated by Bart Sears, Mark Pennington, and McNabb Studios.

Several female C.O.P.S. and Crooks characters appeared in the cartoon and the comics, but were never released as action figures. This was due mainly to the lack of marketing that female characters had with young boys.

A total of nine vehicles were produced which featured five new figures only available with their particular fly ride (figures shown in photo below). Each "good guy" vehicle had a siren on top to show that it represented the long arm of the law. Oddly enough, none of the vehicles had any firing bits and pieces which was quickly becoming the hot trend of toys in those days.

Air Raid Helecopter with Bullseye, Ironside’s Armored Assault with Hardtop,, A.T.A.C. with Heavyweight,Roadster with Turbo TuTone

Highway Interceptor with Roadblock, and Pursuit Jet, Bluestreak Motorcycle, Bluestreak Motorcycle, Highway Interceptor with Roadblock, and Pursuit Jet, Jailbird Air Speeder, Dragster

Unlike the regular figures, the five vehicle figures didn't come with any additional accessories. To put faces with names, the figures were as follows; Heavyweight, Bullseye, Roadblock, and Hardtop, and Turbo TuTone.

A third series was planned out which would have included a new line of circus type figures entitled "The Pranksters". Unfortunately the series was cancelled during the prototype stage. None are known to exist.

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