Monday, May 28, 2018

Solo Pre-Orders Already?

They don't even let movies get out of the theaters anymore, do they? Target and Best Buy have already posted their pre-orders for Solo: A Star Wars Story and boy are there a ton of different versions.

Target has a total of five different version listed for sale; none of which includes a standard or packed in DVD version. From them you can get;

2 Blu-Ray and Digital Code Combo Pack for $22.99 

4K / UHD + 2 Blu-Ray + Digital Code Combo Pack for $29.99

Target Exclusive 4K / UHD + 2 Blu-Ray + Digital Code Combo Pack with 40 Page Booklet for $32.99

Target Exclusive 2 Blu-Ray and Digital Code Combo Pack with Exclusive Millennium Falcon for $32.99

Target Exclusive 4K / UHD + 2 Blu-Ray + Digital code Combo Pack with Exclusive Millennium Falcon for $42.99

Shifting over to Best Buy you can get three different offerings (for now). It's interesting that they have a Blu-Ray / DVD combo listed and even more so interesting that there is no mention of a digital version packed in with this set. Then again, none of their versions make note of digital versions of the film, so perhaps this was just an oversight.

Blu-Ray / DVD Combo for $24.99.

4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack for $29.99

Best Buy Exclusive Steelbook 4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack for $34.99

Walmart has yet to make a peep about any form of exclusive. For those of you who remember my write up on that release, you know that the retail chain never bothered to announce what their exclusive version was, nor post it on their website - Even after release. Once again we may be playing it by ear. If they have an exclusive there are two speculations from this blogger what it may be; 1) a cut out of L3-37 or 2) Multiple changeable covers. If it is the latter, then hopefully much like the prior released Walmart exclusive it will contain a Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Code Combo Pack.

No word from Disney either as to what their stores will be offering. It is however safe to assume they will stick with their norm of lithographs - A set of four to be exact. What will be interesting to see is if they release a Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Code Combo Pack through their exclusive Disney Movie Club - Much like they did The Last Jedi. Boy was that a beast to track down through secondary markets. As much as I like collecting Star Wars, I don't exactly want to sign up for any clubs just to get it. It was bad enough when I was paying for a Costco membership back in the day to get the long box versions.

Well, there you have it (for now). Solo is on the horizon for home video and digital release. As for when that day is, well, that hasn't been announced yet. I speculate sometime in September. However, I'd be happy to be wrong with that guess if it's actually sooner. Hopefully it won't be later.

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