Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Retro Spins: White Lion - Big Game

White Lion
Big Game

White Lion hit the scene in 1985, but didn't personally land on my radar until their June 1987 album Pride. Even so, I'm not taking a look at that album today, but rather their follow up to Pride, Big Game. Seeing the theme here with their albums?

The track Little Fighter was the first to chart from Big Game in June of 1989. Unfortunately, because it was in the mid 90's (number wise), it fell off the charts by the following week. White Lion wouldn't see another hit chart until September of that same year when Radar Love entered the charts. Once again this was short lived, and by the following week it too fell off the charts.

Though the album failed to find strong singles on the chart, I can say honestly it's not bad. I did take notice that White Lion has a tendency to sing a lot of songs about child abuse and in general children in bad situations. While these songs could be considered tender in nature, it doesn't make for very inspiring songs. In fact, it kind of brings you down. Fortunately these songs don't overshadow the album and you're able to find enjoyable spots.

I actually ended up transferring four of the eleven tracks over to my IPOD when it was all said and done; Goin' Home Tonight, Little Fighter, Don't Say It's Over and of course, Radar Love. Not a bad handful of songs.

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