Thursday, May 3, 2018

Painted Memories: Activating the Turbo Boost

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  1. I never played with matchbox or hot wheels as a kid because I thought it was straight asinine for a car to be riding around with no driver.The only two that I played with alot as a kid were the corgi Bat mobile that had a tiny little Batman and Robin sitting in the front seats and Kit .As far as the show,I loved It.I can't imagine any kid not digging a sleek sports car that talked and drove remotely.A couple years back i revisited the series from the first episode on and was surprised to find out that the first Michael Knight was played by someone else,you know ,until the whole facial reconstruct took place.I never knew that as a kid.Now I do.And knowing Is half the battle.G.I. Joooooo!

    1. I remember watching the show on a little television in my sister's room as a kid. We would watch Knight Rider, A-Team, Hart to Hart, The Incredible Hulk and so many others as we say on the edge of her bed.

      I actually had to go check out the first few minutes of the first episode when you made mention of the different actor. I never knew this either. Then again, I never re-watched the series past its original airing.

  2. Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist...

    I used to think Knight Rider was one of the coolest shows on TV! I even sent off for the bluprints of the car they were giving away to promote the KITT vs. KARR episode!

    1. I so badly want a working Kenner Kitt with Michael Knight figure. I just don't want to pay the price most people are asking for it.



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