Friday, April 20, 2018

8 Bit Junction: Looping

One of my earliest memories of video games is the Magnavox Odyssey. My parents had one in pristine condition in the original box with all the packed in facets...and I took the liberty of giving it away in the lat '90's. Oops.

Anyway, the point I'm making here isn't that we had an Odyssey, but rather I'm painting the picture that video games were a big part of our household since pretty much the dawn of home video game consoles. As such, we were fortunate to have a ColecoVision when they were released back in August of 1982.

Even though I wasn't as good at it as my brother was, one of my all time favorite games to play on the console was Looping. Like most of the games, it was a third person view side scroller. In the game, you would start from a runway and take off with your plane. From there your goal was to fly across the city either dodging or shooting hot air balloons which got in your way. With a 360 degree control option, you could fly all over the place unhindered.

However, this was just the first part of the level. The second part got much trickier. Once you blasted open the "gate", you were set to the task of navigating through a series of pipes in order to work your way to the end. And, let me tell you about that end. It was box in the middle of the middle of the air which had giant bouncy balls bouncing in your path. You had to make it through this very short section and touch the "end wall" docking station with the tip of your plane.

I was by no means a master of the game. In fact, there were times I would go through all of my lives before reaching the docking station once. Still, it was a blast to play. A classic game from an era of gaming where it was all about skill, hand / eye coordination and timing.

Once completed, it started all over again, ramping up the difficulty with each successful level completion. I was lucky if I got to the second level and can't honestly say I ever made it to the third or beyond.

I'd love to see an updated retro Coleco console much like we've gotten with Atari. I know they released one a few years ago, but it wasn't justifiable to pay $70.00 for sixty Coleco games. They're fun...But they're not THAT fun. The "console" would have to have 200 games to justify that price tag for me.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Painted Memories: You Will Believe A Man Can Fly!

Please share your own thoughts, memories and stories in the comment section.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Retro Spins: Lionel Richie - Can't Slow Down

Lionel Richie
Can't Slow Down

Wow, what a monster of an album! Lionel Richie's Can't Slow Down comes right out of the gate with the title track of the album and from there doesn't skip a beat as it jumps into All Night Long, Penny Lover, Stuck on You and rounds itself out with The Only One, Running With the Night and Hello. Hello indeed!

Because the album was released in October of 1983 you won't actually find any of the tracks from Can't Slow Down hitting the charts. Rather, songs from Richie's prior album were still topping.

However, come 1984 that changed - Big time. Penny Lover, Stuck On You, Hello, Running With the Night and All Night Long all hit the charts - Sometimes a mix of these songs in the same week. Lionel Richie was hot, hot, hot in '83!

Ironically, as a young child during this period I actually had no clue who the man was until I heard songs from this album. In fact, it wasn't until my young adult years that it actually dawned on me he was part of the Commodores and didn't in fact come out of nowhere.

Honestly, I don't know why I chose this album for the Retro Spin. I mean, we all know it's amazing, right? If it's any consolation, I did end up adding two other songs to my IPOD, but not because I didn't know them - Rather, I just forgot about them.

So, I'll take a mulligan on this one and chalk it up to a refresher course on an album I already knew had fantastic hits on it. All but one song made the cut for my IPOD shuffle. For those wondering, that would be Love Will Find A Way.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Classic Silver Age Superman (DC Direct)

Classic Silver Age Superman
DC Direct

If you're looking for a solid Silver Age Superman line, you need look no further than - Well, Classic Silver Age Superman from DC Direct. The five figure line was released in 2006, and included pretty much every Superman character which comes to mind when you think of the Man of Steel; Lois Lane, Perry white, Jimmy Olsen, Lex Luthor and of course the man himself, Superman were all included. Not only that, but it's one of the few if not only opportunities to get Beppo - AKA, Superman's super monkey.

Superman (and Beppo)*Lois Lane (as Superwoman)

For those of you scratching your head at the Lois Lane figure above, let us give you a little background.

Lois Lane as Superwoman first appeared in Action Comics number 60 (her first appearance by the way). In the issue, Lois dreams she has received super powers by mean of a blood transfusion from Superman. As the years would pass by, Lois would make numerous appearances as Superwoman - Sometimes with the powers real - But only temporarily.

Perry White*Jimmy Olsen

Lex Luthor

These figures capture everything which was Superman of the Silver Age!

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Friday, April 13, 2018

8 Bit Junction: Space Quest

Ah, Sierra's classic adventure games! How I love them all. Is it possible to choose your favorite? Gosh, I really don't know. Before I jump into this. Let me take a 2 Minute Toy Break. See, this all started in the era 20 Years Before 2000 when things were Branded in the 80's and really fun, but not necessarily Cool and Collected. The Stunt Zombie army had yet to pillage Alexis' Treasures as it was still under the protection of Mr. Smith's Plastic Bubble. Therefore it was still relatively easy to go on Adventures in Gaming after a session of fireworks and action figures which often times resulted in an Action Figure Barbecue. Good thing I always kept a Green Plastic Squirt Gun near my side to put out those Toyriffic fires. Man did those Fully Jointed Play Things take a beating. Such Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures I had back in the day. Thank goodness those toys weren't alive. That would've been horrific to me if ever there was a Revenge of the Toy Box and they all attacked me. I would have needed something massive like a Dinosaur Dracula to stop them. But enough Retro Ramblings. Let's get into today's post. Oh...and G.I. Jigsaw...Cause that doesn't fit into anything above.

I will say this - Space Quest was my first ever Sierra game I played and to this day it remains a rotating title in the exclusive list of games I replay. In fact, I try to play all the Sierra titles at least once a year and have even written my own walkthroughs for them should I ever get stuck - An impossible feat at this point with how many times I played them.

However, I too once struggled with making my way to the end of each adventure game while obtaining all the points. In fact, it wasn't until well into my adulthood that I can even claim to have done so.

For me, I was just excited to be playing the game back in 1986 on my dad's home computer. I didn't know much about computers back then, how they worked, what they did - You know, much like these days where if I can't fix it by poking it with a stick I'm screwed.

What I did know was those rare occasions where my dad would give up the seat at our round table located in the den of our home and let my brother and I play for a while. Admittedly, my brother was always slightly better at the game. Being older I guess gave him an added advantage of puzzle solving. I remember it used to upset me so much when he'd load up his save game and I would see he not only had more points, but was so much further along than I was.

This was probably helped by the fact that he was also far more patient than I was and actually read the story. Meanwhile I was an enter button addict. I didn't want any words slowing up my progress in the game because play times were limited by the timer in dad's head. This of course was my ultimate demise in actually getting good at the game because one has to read the story to get clues and overall trajectory - Something I would find out in my (young) teenage years when revisiting the game.

Mind you, I did make it all the way through to the end of Space Quest when I was a kid. I just needed a little help from my brother or dad who were also playing through at the same time. In fact, Space Quest is probably the first game I ever completed on PC.

Something about those play sessions as a child stayed with me for many years and when I was old enough to have my own computer I was excited to find the games were not only still readily available for the latest and greatest version of Windows 95, but also updated to include VGA versions.

Since then, I have owned many copies of Space Quest (all its sequels and other related Sierra titles). Like I said above, it comes through my rotation of replays frequently. In fact, just a few weekends ago I finished yet another play through of Space Quest V.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Painted Memories: Wild Stallyns!

Please share your own thoughts, memories and stories in the comment section.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Remember that time you waited twenty-six years to buy a Pepsi?

Remember when Pepsi charged $20.15 for a Pepsi?

Remember the time you tried to spend $20.15 on said Pepsi only to find out you couldn't buy it?

Remember how you couldn't spend said $20.15 on said Pepsi because Pepsi only produced 6,500?

Remember how said limited Pepsi was supposed to go on sale at a specific time on a specific date and Amazon botched it?

Wasn't that perfect? You know, Pepsi Perfect?

Yes, the day which used to stand for the time Marty McFly ventured into the future to the date October 21, 2015 has forever been soured for many Back to the Future fans. They waited those twenty-six years since the film was released in 1989 for Pepsi to produce and release a Pepsi Perfect only to get slapped in the face - Hard.

Pepsi did indeed follow through with what many fans would hope to happen and did in fact release Pepsi Perfect on this day. However, their marketing plan was such a messy debacle it left many fans up in arms just with its announcement.

Pepsi stated on October 21, 2015 it would produce and release 6,500 bottles of Pepsi Perfect for sale - 1,500 would be immediately carted off to Comic Con, while the remaining 5,000 would be made available on a first come / first serve basis on Amazon - Limit one per customer.

Oh boy, what a mess this announcement was. Did Pepsi truly believe only 6,500 Back to the Future fans existed? Did they honestly think producing such a minimal quantity would go over well? With millions of Back to the Future fans out there this gave a whole lot of people who had waited and waited for such a special occasion a big old middle finger.

Despite this ill feeling which lingered in the air, fans flocked to Amazon in droves to be one of the lucky few to purchase a bottle of Pepsi Perfect - A plan that soon turned futile for the majority of them. Many were met with continuous loading screens, timed out screens and worst of all  a sold out label within mere minutes of going on sale. Even those fortunate enough to get the item into their online cart and thought they had achieved victory soon found themselves with messages that their transaction could not be completed. Anger ensued across the internet.

With bad press surrounding the campaign growing rapidly by the hour, Pepsi made an announcement that it would release a second batch of limited Pepsi Perfect. Once again 6,500 bottles would be made available, this time directly from Pepsi's own website.

Once again tempers flared as angry fans took to any venue they could find who would hear their cries of how even in light of attempting to make it right Pepsi was still infuriating the masses and spitting on the fans. How could anyone possibly get a Pepsi Perfect with such limited production and how could Pepsi feel this was okay? 13,000 was still minimal product to feed a fan base of millions - Only USA resident fans at that.

With more ill feelings surrounding the campaign, many tried once again on November 3, 2015 to get one of the final runs of Pepsi Perfect only to once again be faced with the same issues. Lag outs, unfulfilled orders and in short, no Pepsi Perfect. The outrage continued once again online and to this day remains from bitter fans who will always remember the day(s) Pepsi screwed them on fulfilling their ultimate Back to the Future fandom moment - Enjoying a Pepsi Perfect while watching the Trilogy.

So what was all the hype about? Why was everyone so eager to purchase a Pepsi for $20.15? What's the big deal here?

Well....Let's take a look.

Okay, it comes in a neat box. That's great for collectors. It's got the fun Pepsi Perfect logo on it and if you look closely you can see a little more detail in the corner; 

That's cool. Every collector loves seeing the words limited edition on their item. Makes them feel like they got something special. 

The bottle fits nicely in the center of the box in a little cut out designed specifically to hold it and it's then placed in a plastic bag...To seal in freshness? I don't know.

Let's take it out of the bag and have a closer look. 

Okay, it's a fancy bottle and it looks like tooth rotting Pepsi inside the bottle. It's neat that it's made with real sugar and not corn syrup - Common these days, but not so much in 2015.

So how does it taste?

Well, I wouldn't know. That's actually a Coke I ordered at a restaurant for this post. I'm not about to drink a Pepsi that cost me $20.15 (plus shipping) or that's three years old at this point. Plus I don't like soda. It makes a great display piece in my collection, but that's about as up close and personal as I'm going to get with this thing.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Retro Spins: Kim Wilde - Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde
Kim Wilde

Welcome back to another Retro Spins - My second to be exact.

Last week I listened to Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, which turned out to be a fantastic bit of tunes with four new tracks making their way to my IPOD shuffle.

Sadly, Kim Wilde didn't fair as well.

Kim's self titled debut album from June of 1981 is all over the place in terms of music styles. You get solid rock tracks, pop, a splash of punk, even a dash of Caribbean and of course slow ballads. Unfortunately this mix match of styles doesn't allow the album to flow as smoothly as it could. Just as you're getting into a certain style the tone changes and you find yourself readjusting only to rinse and repeat.

The album is notable for its singles Kids in America and Chequered Love. Kids in America hit the charts in May of 1982 - Almost a full year after the album's initial release, but despite climbing the charts throughout the weeks never pulled its way to number one in this year. The latter track while a popular single among fans never managed to pique on the charts.

I will give the album a thumbs up for not only its two tracks noted above, but also Water on Glass and You'll Never Be So Wrong which got added to the IPOD shuffle during the Retro Spins listening session. They're not as catchy as Kids or Chequered, but they're decent tunes which I could listen to a couple more times.

Overall though, this is not one of my favorite albums. It has some good tracks, but due to the consistent changing music styles it makes it a little difficult to get into it.

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Super Stars (Ertl)

Super Stars

Remember that time Ertl tried to get into the action figure game with their Super Stars line? You know the one that featured three random actors and two NASCAR drivers?

Well, it wouldn't be surprising if many of you didn't actually know. Ertl's attempt at die-cast metal figures fell rather flat when introduced in 1981. The line pretty much tanked the moment it hit toy isle shelves, and was quickly bustled to clearance bins in the middle of the store.


Darrell Waltrip*Richard Petty

Though it's always great to produce an action figure carrying case when you have a massive toy line to accompany it, it's never really good marketing to do so right out of the starting gate. It's even worse when said case holds twenty-four figures, and your line only lasted for five.

This is clearly a case (no pun intended) of Ertl marketing and development saying, "Let's just produce something fast and cheap because we can". The case is literally nothing more than the same die cast car case from Ertl's Dukes of Hazzard line with a new sticker slapped on the front.

Super Stars Carrying Case

Mind you, we're by no means saying the Super Stars line was a bad one. These are great figures, and if you're looking for these particular characters / people, this is definitely your venue for that. For die cast metal, the sculpts aren't bad at all, and the paint jobs are fairly solid. Granted, they are prone to flaking / chipping if handled too much - Much like any die cast car. Again though, these aren't terrible.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

8 Bit Junction: Zelda 2 - The Adventure of Link

Welcome to yet another new segment here at The Toy Box. Today starts the new weekly roll out of 8 Bit Junction!

8 Bit Junction will go down memory lane and share a story behind a game from my past which hit so hard on my young (or adult) mind that it shaped the way I looked at video games. Now, before I get started on my first of many entries to come, don't let the name fool you. 8 Bit Junction, while catchy in its title, is by no means going to be limited to the realm of 8 bit games. I'll touch on all types of games, generations and genres.

For my first entry, I'm turning the clock back to 1987. I was spending the night at a friend's house and we were left alone by his parents who were most likely out on a date night. Parents could do that back then - You know, leave kids at home alone and go out.

Unlike most visits to said friend's house which often times lead to playing some form of mock sword or war game outside in his yard, we spent the day indoors. Why? Because he had gotten not only a brand new game for his NES, but also an NES Advantage!

The game? Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link.

This was by no means my first Nintendo game ever played, but yet it felt like an all new experience when the cartridge was fired up. As I watched my friend start off our session, I thought, "This is kind of stupid. You're a teeny little blob on the screen, can't swing your sword, can't...oh wait a minute..." That's when he got "hit" by an enemy on the Overworld and was transported to a side scrolling screen filled with jellies jumping at him.

Admittedly, Link's sword had gotten a little puny since his last adventure, but still, this was cool. As I watched him delve into dark caverns and then eventually back out the way he came to a town the game took another exciting twist - Magic powers! Link was no stranger to gizmos and gadgets in his first adventure, but now he could cast spells too? Wow!

As we alternated back and forth that night taking turns at the helm as we pushed forward through dungeon after dungeon - Some more efficiently than others, we soon learned that not only were Link's lives limited, but so too was the option to continue. Thank goodness the game had its own battery pack for saving periodically.

Though we didn't finish the game that evening - Far from it - I later received my own copy of the game (well, my brother and I did to be exact) and throughout many play sessions honed my skills at the game. With a little help from Nintendo Power, I also learned of all the heart / magic container and extra man locations.

Then I got even smarter. While playing one day I made note that while difficult, the Bubbles were not only killable, but yielded a fair amount of XP. Not only that, but there was one right in the first dungeon. Hmm...So if I kill it, enter and exit the screen...WOW! The Bubble was back! You know where I'm going with this. Before I even beat the first dungeon I grind-ed out every last bit of XP needed to max health, attack and magic. This meant every dungeon I beat would garner 9,000 XP which equated to an extra life. Now I was a pro at the game, and boy was it easy to get through the first few dungeons and nab the coveted hammer.

It wasn't long after that I beat the game for my first of many times. I got so proficient at it that to this day I get through the entire thing with one life - Because yep, I still grind out all the XP on the first Bubble I find in the first dungeon.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Painted Memories: Raspberry

As you've seen lately, I've been trying out some new things here at The Toy Box. Loose toy showcases, Retro Spins and another new segment, Painted Memories.

For those of you who know me personally, you know one of my passions is drawing, painting and in general being creative. As such, I've decided to incorporate this love into The Toy Box in an ongoing effort to provide more content.

Painted Memories is a simple concept. It's a digital painting I've recently created based on pop culture. There will be minimal text (with the exception of this first one) because the concept will be to invoke your own thoughts, memories and stories in the comment section. So please, share whatever comes to mind with each weekly image. I'll be adding my own thoughts there as well.

You'll also notice a theme to the "series" which is best summed up as blue. Rather than paint these pictures on traditional white digital canvases, I opted to customize my own blue color. I was skeptical at first, but then by the time I got to the fourth one I found I was achieving what I was looking for. See, the reason these are all designed with blue as the canvas is because I wanted the series to flow. I also wanted you to be able to look at it and say, "That's from The Toy Box series, Painted Memories." Much like any of your favorite artists, I wanted to be one of those who when you look at it you just know it's mine. Hopefully you too will start to see this as the series unfolds each week - Thursday to be exact.

Let's jump into the first one. 

Please share your own thoughts, memories and stories in the comment section.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Final Visit To Toys R' Us

My girlfriend and I took one final trip to Toys R' Us on Easter Sunday. Not because we wanted to buy anything, but rather to do one final lap around the toy isles before saying farewell to a store we had visited so many times over the past couple decades.

This particular location was special to me because I actually helped build and open it when I was a teenager. I remember assembling the shelves, opening all those cases of toys to stock the shelves for the first time and the mad dash of customers who flooded the place on opening day - You literally couldn't move in there with how many people showed up for the grand opening. It was an experience I've never had again to date in my life. Mainly because my days of working retail are long behind me - and hopefully stay that way.

It was honestly a little sad to see the store in such disarray as it was. My girlfriend commented, "There's nothing here to buy." To which I responded, "That's been the problem for a long time." A sad yet true statement. Toys R' Us hadn't been a fun place to shop since the 80's - At least for me.

What was interesting was the amount of people shopping. With signs of 5% and 10% off everything in the store you would have thought it was Christmas time with how packed the place was. Did people honestly think this minimal discount made the store suddenly the best place in the world to shop?

I'll put it in perspective for you.

I saw a copy of Justice League on DVD, and while I briefly considered picking it up, when I did the math it was a whopping $2.00 off. Target would beat that deal any day just by putting the disc on sale - Which it most assuredly will in the near future. The point being, it was odd that so many people were ravaging the place with a mentality of some form of savings when the reality was the average person would only save a couple bucks.

I have to say I was a little disappointed in an answer I got from the manager when I saw a vinyl sign I was hoping to take home. The sign had the Toys R' Us logo on it and underneath that it said, "The world's greatest toy store." I wanted to grab this for my toy room and was really put off when the manager told me I could come back on the last day the store was open as they would be "selling" all of this stuff then.

Really? Selling it? On any given day the store wasn't going out of business this kind of sign would end up in the trash once they were done with it. Now all of a sudden I have to pay for it? Pass. I don't want it that badly.

It honestly put into perspective the continuous problems the company has had with building quality customer relationships. It was also my queue to leave.

However, I won't let this poor experience (one of many) at Toys R' Us soil the fond memories I have as a child wandering down isles packed to capacity with Star Wars, G.I. Joe, He-Man, Transfomers and so many other iconic toys.

As a final note to this post, I'll share some photos of the isles for no other reason than one last look at the store and to potentially capture a snapshot of history for someone who stumbles across this website twenty years from now.

This was by far Toys R' Us at its best, but it was still a place where a kid (or adult) could be a kid.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Revisiting A Classic Cartoon

I picked up a sweet new DVD set last week and have finally gotten a chance to crack it open. I'm talking about COPS!...'n Crooks.

I picked up the compete series off ebay for relatively cheap after sitting down to a few episodes on Youtube. I was really surprised to see how well the show stood up to the test of time. The episodes were fantastically animated, had a well rounded spectrum of voice actors and most importantly had fun stories. I'm really excited to add this series to my collection of classic 80's cartoons and even more excited to watch the entire series from start to finish. I'm of course on episode one of sixty-five, so I have a ways to go.

On a side note, the DVD set appears to have come with a digital download code which gives you access to the entire series. If anyone wants this code as well as the directions for...I don't know, downloading it or however you gain access to it then let me know. Otherwise the code will just go to waste. It appears to be valid until December 31, 2018 (to use). To get the code drop me a comment with your e-mail address - Which I won't publish. I'll reach out and send the details.

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Retro Spins: Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

Welcome to a new segment here at The Toy Box which I'm calling Retro Spins. What is that, you ask? Well, I'm glad you did!

As many of you know, I have a lot of CD's from the 80's. The problem with this is...well, I can't honestly say I've listed to all of them from start to finish. For a lot of them I've simply pulled my known / favorites from the albums and slapped them on my IPOD. However, how much good music am I missing by doing this? How many fantastic songs do I not know?

That's the point of Retro Spins. I'm going to take one CD each week and listen to it from start to finish and then share my very bias opinion about it. I will admit, I'm not easily amused when it comes to music. I either love it or hate it.

So, let's dive in to the first of what will hopefully be many Retro Spins to come.

Eye of the Tiger

Survivor hit the map hard with the song Eye of the Tiger in June of 1982 (entering the charts at number 73) when it was featured in Sylvester Stallone's Rocky III (released May 23, 1982). Granted the song had been available for a few months already having been released on the Survivor album of the same name in February. However, it took being featured in the film to really get recognition.

Like Rocky, the song fought its way from its very low chart entry on a weekly basis all the way to the number one spot by July 24, 1982. It remained their for six weeks before dropping to number two and eventually further down the charts. By November of that same year the song had fallen of the charts completely. 

The album itself comes out swinging like a fighter with its first track Eye of the Tiger. However, by track two it shifts back into the standard sound of the band, and the remainder of the album plays out more so like a series of rock ballads - Most of which profess love or relationships in one way or the other.

It's by no means terrible. In fact, the album as a whole plays out rather nicely with each track seamlessly fitting in where the last left off.

I heard some catchy tunes during my play through. Out of the nine tracks, four made their way to my IPOD. Of course Eye of the Tiger was one, with the three others being Feels Like Love, The One That Really Matters and I'm Not That Man Anymore. I'm still up in the air on Hesitation Dance.

I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised with Survivor's Eye of the Tiger. As a whole it's a pretty darn good album.

I hope you enjoyed this first post. My goal is to share a new Retro Spins every Tuesday.

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Classic Silver Age (DC Direct)

Classic Silver Age
DC Direct

The Silver Age of DC Comics may very well be the most wackiest era of the companies history. It was during this time where characters such as Batman and Superman no longer seemed bound to their roots. A lot of times the stories went off into left field (way far left field), and we got characters such as Streaky the Supercat, and Krypto the Super Dog. Heck, sometimes we got dinosaurs showing up out of nowhere. Let's not forget the time Batman and Robin battled mummies, or Wonder Woman working at Taco Whiz. No rules seemed to apply.

Despite this, classics are classics for a reason, and the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash (and so many others) weathered the storm to maintain their status as some of the most iconic super heroes in comic book history. Thank goodness the 80's were inbound, and many of these characters got redeveloped to bring the DC Universe back in order...For a little while anyway.

In 2006, DC Direct gave the Silver Age a fine salute with its line of multipacks based on the era. Each package included two figures, and in some cases also featured pets - Which is awesome! Where else are you going to get Krpto, Streaky, Batmite and Ace the Bat-Hound? Okay, so you can get them from a couple other lines, but that's not the point.

Superman and Lois Lane
Superboy and Supergirl with Krypto and Streaky

Batman and Robin
Batgirl and The Joker

Catwoman and The Penguin
Bat-Girl and Batwoman with Batmite and Ace the Bat-Hound

Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl

Flash and Kid Flash

Green Arrow and Speedy

There are a few honorable mentions to make note of. The below figures are not part of the Classic Silver Age series, but were advertised on the back of some of the packages. Because these really wouldn't fit in their own post, we've decided to incorporate them here.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl*Aquaman and Aqualad
Shazam! and Billy Batson

Orion and Darkseid*Mister Miracle and Bad Barda with Oberon
Lobo with Cycle

If there's one thing DC does right, it's handle their properties in action figure form. All of these definitely and easily qualify as some of the best they have produced to date.

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