Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Retro Spins: Alphaville - Forever Young

Forever Young

The 80's brought with it a ton of one hit wonders - Many of which came from Germany. Today I'm looking at one such band - Alphaville.

With the help of MTV, the band found mild success with their hit Big in Japan which was released on their September 1985 album, Forever Young. However, it would be the album title track which would put them on the very high chart numbers, piquing for one week at 95 and disappearing the following week - Much like the band in general. Forever Young (the song) would go on to be covered numerous times over throughout the decades and to date remains the bands most popular.

The album is heavy on the synth pop from start to finish with the only detour from this being the bass guitar driven and highly discussed in forums, To Germany With Love - One of my personal favorites on the album.

Standout tracks for me have always been A Victory in Love, Big in Japan, To Germany With Love and Forever Young. Even after listening to the album in full for Retro Spins I didn't hear anything else that really stood out for me. In other words, nothing new got the honor of being sent over to the IPOD for my 80's shuffle. Oh well. I'll happily stick with the four tracks I already like.

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