Sunday, May 20, 2018

Made A Couple Birthday Cakes

When I'm not collecting toys or CD's, I like to spend my time baking cakes and cupcakes for people. Here are a couple birthday cakes I recently made...

The bottom layer of this one is a butter cake with fresh strawberries baked into the top. The second layer is a vanilla cheesecake with more strawberries baked into the top.

The layers are separated by whipped cream which also coats the entire cake. Rainbow sprinkles surround the entire sides of the cake and it's topped with hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries.

I made this cake for a co-worker / friend who I've known for about eight years now. She celebrated her birthday in April and was happy as can be with this cake.

She shared a little with her mom and mom's boyfriend, then promptly ate the rest by herself....Would it help if I said she was pregnant?

This second cake was actually for my friend's (mentioned above) mom who celebrated her birthday just this weekend. I'm eagerly awaiting feedback as to what she thought of it. 

Her mom is a big chocolate fan, so I went all out in that regard. Both layers of this cake are triple chocolate fudge. The layers are separated by a thick layer of strawberry whipped cream which contain both fresh strawberries for texture and pure strawberry extract to drive home the flavor.

Surrounding the cake is a generous layer of chocolate ganache. This not only holds everything together, but stuffs the open area around the perimeter of the layers to securely hold them up.

The cake is "decorated" with a little whipped cream around the bottom and top with a nice pillow of it in the dead center. Along the perimeter of the top are fresh cut strawberries.

I'm eager to hear what her and her mom thought of the cake.

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