Monday, July 16, 2018

Strange Friends (Archie McPhee)

Strange Friends
Archie McPhee

These figures go all the way back to oddly enough July 16 of 2017. Yes, exactly one year ago The Toy Box hosted and posted a contest based on a spree I had at Rocket Fizz. It was at this very store on this very day I picked up these three very odd action figures, and coincidentally included them in the prize package for said contest.

 Roscoe Pug

These things are seriously the stuff of nightmares. These guys look like either mass murderers, defunct bank robbers, or a combination of both. While the "story" on the back of each card touts them as your every day ordinary people who just like to be everyone's friends, I'm not getting that vibe at all.

 Maggie Squirrel

I have to admit, the Funko Reaction type style which Archie McPhee went for was the lure and intrigue to these figures - Although like I said, I kept them only long enough to give them away in a contest the same day. The price point was ridiculous! At $11.99 each, this is definitely way too much money for such an unknown figure. I mean, I don't even pay that much for Funko Reaction figures let alone commonly for off brand things.

At the time, the line was referenced as being series one. I'm not sure if a series two was ever produced.

Yuji Pigeon

I'm not sure where these guys are now a days, but I hope the person who won them still has them. If anything, they're certainly a conversation piece.

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  1. I think Brother Midnight has them now via a trade I made with him a while ago.I went through all that candy though and still have the candied ants ;)

    1. I remember seeing his post on the trade. Hey, as long as they go to someone who wants them, right?

    2. I do have them! They are sitting in the hull of a GI Joe Cobra Bugg that Im probably never going to finish rebuilding/ restoring.

    3. George is looking for them if you want to part with them.

    4. Nah they are my Cobra domestic terrorism unit.

  2. These things are so awesome. So weird. I went to Rocket Fizz and they no longer have them. Guess I gotta snag them online.

    1. Try Brother Midnight. He may be willing to part with them.



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