Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Toy Box Give Away!

Every been to one of those stores where the novelty is so appealing that you soon find yourself buying...Well...A bunch of stuff you don't really need? This is the predicament I found myself in after a visit to Rocket Fizz.

Rocket Fizz is a unique candy and soda chain located nationwide in the US. Admittedly, the location they've chosen for their Northern Virginia venture doesn't seem like the most ideal as I would think this type of shop more commonly thrives in touristy locations such as boardwalks, and not in the middle of a suburban strip mall.

As I walked through the shop, I was enthralled by the numerous options of sugary treats and drinks. They had the most common of the common - Such as Hershey bars, and then some I'd never seen before or heard of. Additionally they also had several gag type toys, such as exploding golf balls, fake vomit and / or poop, and other various novelties. I snapped a few photos of the shop to share;

 Pretty much every shelf had an equal selection of
sodas and candies, but you had to look closely to
find the truly unique items.

 Price wise, this place is not buyer friendly. Candies
range anywhere from $1.00 to $12.00. Sadly the low
end cost will garner you the chalky nasty candy
which comes in a box, while the higher prices are
reserved for what most people would really want to
buy...if it weren't so expensive.

 Sodas will set you back about $2.99 a piece, and
let's be honest here - You're only buying the unique
label / name. In essence, it's just a variation of
common flavored sodas for the most part.

 I jokingly said to my girl while there, "How much do
you want to bet most of these soda's are the same
flavors made by the same people just with a
different label?"
 Just in case you want instant gratification of your
soda you can also buy them cold as opposed to
room temp.

 The very small comic book related table had some
fun candies, and even Funko Pops.

 Looking for a unique tin sign? They have tons of
those as well - $15.00 each.

I love taffy, and was excited to see the massive
bulk section they had.

 More soda!

 The register was dead center in the shop, and also
covered in merchandise. It was fun finding packs
of baseballs cards sitting there for sale, but they
were admittedly a little random as they were just
placed on the counter. They were also an array of
different series.

 More soda...

 ...and more...

 ...and even more.

 The shop isn't massive by any means, but they
certainly maximize space.

 Yes, that is indeed a Mr.Bacon figure on the shelf!

Okay, so maybe that's more than "a few" photos, but I wanted all of you to share in the experience I had.

Alright, so we've all seen the store now, but that's not why you clicked this link. You're looking for a prize, right?

So here's how you enter - Simply leave a comment with your favorite type of candy as a kid between Sunday, July 16 and Saturday, July 22.

Now let's go for bonus points. Leaving your favorite candy type will get you one chance to win. If you actually go through the trouble of writing about why said candy is your favorite you'll get a second entry.

On the 23rd, one winner will be drawn at random to win a box of fun items I picked up from Rocket Fizz. At that time the winner will be announced via a separate post on this blog. That person will have 24 hours to claim the prize via the instructions in that post. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of prize, and a new winner will be drawn. This process will loop until someone finally claims the prize - Hopefully it will be the first person announced though.

The unfortunate disclaimer section;

Must be 18 years or older to enter, and live in the United States. Sorry, no international shipping. Candies may contain nuts, milk or other such items which you may be allergic to. Eat at your own risk. Not responsible for inevitable weight gain from consuming this prize package. Anonymous comments will be posted, but are not eligible for an entry.


  1. As a kid, I remember loving sixlets. I've had some recently and they are OK, but as a kid I loved them. And you know why? Because I associated them with Halloween. It seemed like Sixlets existed at no other time of the year than Halloween and the only time I ever got any was while Trick 'r Treating. The flavor was kind of an off brand M&M and the texture was that of a BB. Plus, you could open the little long packs with your teeth and just let the candy roll out into your mouth.

    1. Nice! I remember getting Sixlets when we lived overseas. They came in a cardboard tube. I agree with you they tasted better back in the days than they do now.

      Two entries for you!

  2. My favorite was the Zero bar.And still is.I'm attached to the fond memory of holding one in a childhood pic in Puerto Rico.I had never tried anything like it before.Good stuff.Awesome pics.

    1. I've heard of Zero bars, but honestly never tried one. After reading the description on Wiki, don't think I'm going to either. All you, man.

      Two entries for you!

    2. lol It's definitely an acquired taste.

    3. Yes - The Zero bar. Those were awesome!

  3. My favorite candy of all time is the Snickers Bar, but as a kid it was temporarily replaced by Butterfinger. Why, you ask? Because of a troublesome little scamp named Bart Simpson. I was a huge fan of the Simpsons, so if Bart ate them, it had to be good...right?

    1. Doh! Seduced by media!

      Two entries for you!

  4. I love Pez! It comes in so many flavors, and you also get a fun toy and collectible.

    1. Not a bad choice. Good for two entries!

  5. I'm ineligible, so this is just for fun.

    I don't quite remember my absolute favorite as a kid, but I think regular M&M's held a soft spot near my heart. Not even sure why, precisely, but I've always enjoyed them -- especially when you get them in those big bags. For some reason, those just tasted better, like they had an ever-so slightly warmer, softer texture, but not so much as to be messy.

    Bonkers were also good, but it's been so long since I last had one that I can barely remember how they tasted.

    1. At this point, due to the minimal response everyone is eligible.

      Two entries.

  6. Loved the Marathon bar. Lasts a good....long....time

    I've been to this Rocket Fizz. Lots of fun. I purchased the Bacon Maple soda for kicks. One day I may actually try it.


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