Monday, July 9, 2018

Far Beyond The World I've Known...

Far beyond my time,

What am I,
Who am I,
What will I be?
Where am I going,
And what will I see?

Searching my mind,
For some truths to reveal,
What thoughts are fantasy,
What memory's real?

Buck Rogers and company!

Before I get further into this, I have to give a shout out to ebay seller relivingthepastagain. I bought these figures from the guy on July 7th, literally in the parking lot of the place we stopped for lunch after the Timonium show. They arrived on my doorstep on July 9th in a solidly packed box full of bubble wrap with each individual figure also wrapped in bubble wrap. The package must have been strapped to the rocket Buck Rogers himself was on. I don't think I've ever gotten a package so fast. 

I've made mention about not being able to find these figures in pretty much every article I've posted  regarding my trips to Timonium and my last visit was nothing short of disappointing in that regard as well. However, this time I came prepared with a backup plan.

I had seen this complete set of nine Mego Buck Rogers figures on ebay a couple days prior to the show and I told myself if I didn't find them there (and nobody swiped up this listing in the interim) that I would dive at it and make them mine. Well, obviously you know the rest of the story from there.

This set has always been special to me because as kids I and my two siblings each got a full set of figures for Christmas. I remember as a kid I was always so disappointed that none of the figures came with any accessories - You know, like basic pistols. One day I had this brilliant idea and sliced the holstered ones attached to their hips off. Wallah, pistols! I won't be doing that with this set.

Speaking of which, let's have a closer look, shall we?

The man himself, Captain Buck Rogers played by Gil Gerard!

The paint job on the figure - Well, honestly, all the figures, is spot on near perfect. There's minor flaws that you'll pick up on if you critique minutely, but for the most part they look great.

Colonel Wilma Deering played by Erin Gray. 

Ah, Wilma Deering - The Princess Leia equivalent of sci-fi television.

Twiki played by actors Felix Silla, Bob Elyea and Patty Malone. His voice was proved by the awesome Mel Blanc! Dr. Theopolis on Twiki's chest was voiced by Eric Server. Five actors for one character!

Anyone remember the episode where Twiki met the gold female version of himself and he got all exited? He was all, "Biddibiddibiddi" and she was all, "Bootybootybooty." True story. Check it out! 

Dr. Huer played by Tim O'Connor.

Emperor Draco played by Joseph Wiseman.

Kane played by Henry Silva.

Princess Ardala played by Pamela Hensley.

Ardala needed a bit of an action figure doctor when she arrived. The o-ring inside was so twisted up and overstretched that she was suffering from wobbly legs and hip syndrome. A quick popping of her open and giving her a fresh one and she was good to go. It happens with older figures - Which is why I always recommend toy collectors verse themselves with repairing their figures, no matter which line they're collecting.

Tigerman played by Duke Butler in the pilot movie and  H.B. Haggerty in the series.

Draconian Warrior played by many characters, but notable for Don Maxwell.

I'm so happy to have these figures in my personal collection. I've been looking for them for quite some time now - Well, Buck Rogers and Twiki, but to have the whole collection again is just pure awesome!

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