Monday, July 9, 2018

Bon Jovi (McFarlane Toys)

Bon Jovi
McFarlane Toys

It was difficult for a lot of 80's singers / bands to survive the 1990's. 1994 to 1995 saw a ton of "old" acts trying to shift from the pop and / or glam rock styles of the 80's to the heavier grunge style of the 90's. Many tried. Many failed. Those that failed either tried again, while others sunk into oblivion only to emerge later hoping to ride the coat tails of their 80's hits into retirement.

Bon Jovi not only survived the 1990's, but proved they had more to offer in terms of a band well into the new millennium. Over the span of their 30+ year history, the band has released thirteen studio albums - Their latest being 2016's This House is Not For Sale.

In 2007, McFarlane Toys were producing a fair amount of figures based on bands and / or singers. The company glanced Bon Jovi's way when they released a figure based on Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. Unfortunately for the rest of the band, they were ignored.

The figures really don't stretch far beyond what they're intended to be. In fact, they don't at all. They fit their purpose of being plastic iterations of the two musicians. As such, they reach for a niche audience - Bon Jovi fans who may or may not be action figure collectors as well.

For those not into hunting down individually carded figures, McFarlane Toys also produced a limited two pack.

The figures while not scarce will set you back a decent amount. You can expect to spend anywhere from $40.00 to $50.00 a piece for them. The two pack will set you back roughly a hundred dollars.

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