Monday, July 30, 2018

Rosie the Riveter (Archie McPhee)

Rosie the Riveter
Archie McPhee

If you recall my post from a couple weeks back, it was regarding some figures I found during my visit to Rocket Fizz a year ago. Well, this one is another I found during that trip - Rosie the Riveter. Unlike the prior figures which made their way home with me, and into a prize pack for one of my readers, Rosie the Riveter stayed right there on the shelf. At $19.99 I wasn't taking that plunge at all. This of course didn't stop me from snapping pictures.

Wow, Rosie the Riveter...Is this figure necessary? We get that it's a major iconic persona of World War II when women were called upon to enter the workplace, and we totally respect the importance of the message it sent during its time. But....A figure? In 2017?

Talk about something which is absolutely targeted at a .000000001% audience - Especially at twenty bucks a pop. Are there many WWII vets (male or female) really looking for this thing? Or is this targeted at WWII history buffs?

Whoever this figure was intended for, it would be hard to admit that it isn't somewhat cool. Look at it. It totally looks like Rosie in her iconic pose...Sort of. The limited articulation certainly hurts this aspect, and quite frankly doesn't help justify the price. If this thing was fully possible to the point you could make it look like the actual poster then twenty bucks wouldn't be such a hard pill to swallow.

We keep coming back to the price point, don't we? It seriously is a deal breaker. This is the kind of figure you'd expect to find in a bin at Sheetz in the middle of a deserted highway for five bucks at the most. Something to throw at the kids in the back seat in a vain effort to keep them quite for at least another five to ten miles.

The package is actually the best thing this figure has going for it. It's a uniquely shaped box, and features a brief yet thorough history lesson of the era on the back. The addition of vintage photos is a nice added touch...Unless that's Photoshop, at which case it's a fair quality ruse*.

*"You're cunning attempt to trick me" - Randal Graves.


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  1. Strange friends,We Can Do It doll?Left wing action figures If I ever saw one.

  2. Love the Archie McPhee figures they are expensive though...



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