Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Trip to Lost in Time Vintage Toy Store

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I made a pit stop at Lost in Time Vintage Toy Store on the way back from the Dave Hart Show. While there, I found a ton of stuff I wanted to buy, but the prices were way out there - Well, for my budget anyway. Still, that didn't stop me from enjoying a nice tour around the place. The store seemed to have a little bit of everything.

Lots of loose stuff, but sadly the majority of it was incomplete. That's always a deal breaker for me.

Don't get excited - The box for the U.S.S. Flagg looks like it's being used for trash.

The place is packed from floor to ceiling with stuff, stuff and more stuff...

...And they deal a lot in AFA graded figures. A whole shelf of 3 3/4 and 12 inch Star Wars figures / dolls.

There were even more treasures to be found in the glass cabinets...

...Which of course had more things piled on top.

I was interested in the boxed Zelda II: The Adventure of Link in this cabinet, but it was missing the instruction booklet.

There were also a lot of incomplete loose vehicles scattered around the shop. This Sky Striker was one of many...Not Sky Strikers, but vehicles in general. There was a vintage Millennium Falcon which I was interested in, but it was missing three pieces. When I priced them out on ebay I would have had to spend around sixty dollars to complete it - So I passed.

I also really wanted these Movie View Cassettes from Kenner. I've been wanting them for a long time and these mint in the box ones were gnawing on my mind to take them home with me - As was the mint in the box Movie Viewer in one of the cabinets. Between the $65.00 per cassette and $145.00 for the viewer I had to pass.

More good stuff from the cabinets...

You can't see it in the photo below, but one of the books is Geoffrey T. Carlton's Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book Fourth Edition. I jokingly asked the guy, "Do you want me to autograph that for you?" For those of you who know me personally, you know I am a credited "Super Contributor" in several volumes, the Fourth Edition included, for the home video section.

...And all of the above was just the first half of the store. Check out the second half!

I've never seen a Masters of the Universe Titus in the wild, let alone AFA graded and in super sweet condition. I doubt I'll ever see one again. I said to the guy, "Let me guess, there's three zeroes in the price tag." He confirmed my guess was right.

He also had a pristine and graded Kenner Alien.

The second half of the store had just as much awesome stuff!

I just recently compiled and completed a full set of the WWF Head Squirts from MTC as seen in the photo below. That post will go live in June of 2019 - Yup, I "work" that far in advance on The Toy Box posts.

You can't see them in the photos, because I didn't take any, but the second half of the store was reserved for quite a bit of "newer" toys such as those from DC Direct and the recently defunct Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line.

...And of course they had Funko Pops. While I was wandering around taking photos, my girlfriend had a conversation with the owner about her collection. Overall, he seemed interested to hear stories from his customers (at least us anyway). I really got the sense this wasn't just a store for him, but rather an extension of his hobby and personal passion for toys.

After rummaging around the second half of the store I headed back to the front to decide on what I would actually want to buy - As well as snap a couple more photos. Look at the top shelf of the photo below - Two AFA vinyl cape Jawas with hefty four digit price tags to go along with them. He also had about three blue Snaggletooth figures.

Like I said above, there was a lot of stuff I wanted to buy from Lost in Time Vintage Toy Store, but a lot of it was really out of my price range. 

I didn't walk away empty handed though. I found the two motorcycles from the 1989 Batman movie line and decided to pick them both up. Granted they weren't high priority items on my list (or better stated - not on my list at all) and I more so got them because they were affordable and part of a line I really like.

They came mint in the boxes, which I immediately retrieved the toys from and told the owner of the store, "You can have the boxes back if you want them." After all, I would have just thrown them out. 

I wanted to share the below photo yesterday when I added Superman to the shelf, but decided it would give away my purchases from the store, so I held off until now.

I'm only missing the Joker Van and Batcave - And neither one of them are fitting on that shelf!

With the help of my better half, I also found one of the many McDonald's Changeables I've been looking for. It was priced at a buck, but the owner ended up giving it to me for free.

The store was a lot of fun to wander around, but admittedly a little too expensive for me to take the plunge on most of the items I wanted. The staff was also really friendly and incredibly helpful and accommodating. If you're around the Fulton, Maryland area I would definitely recommend stopping in to check it out - If for nothing else than to take in an eyeful of everything they have. The pictures seriously don't do it justice. 


I returned to Lost in Time a few weeks later, and well, let me tell you - It was a horrible experience. Apparently it is only worth the time if the actual owner is there because the person he leaves in charge in his absence is...Well...Useless.

I asked if he had certain items as well as what the price was on some. I got the same answer to both questions, "I don't know. You'll have to talk to the owner when he returns on Wednesday." Mind you, this was a Saturday. Furthermore, since the shop is over an hour away, I had no intentions of returning on Wednesday.

Overall it was a futile waste of time and begs the question of why bother opening if you aren't capable of selling anything? If anything, I would have been better suited to arrive to the shop to be greeted by a closed sign vs. a bumbling fool who couldn't make any transactions.

Bottom line, won't be returning here.

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  1. Im from the school of thought that just because you sell vintage items doesn't mean your store has to look like the place where Billy's dad bought Gizmo.Kudos to the store owner for keeping the place clean and easy to look through.For me ,figures don't have to be complete as long as they are in really good condition.I can't mess with a loose In horrible condition that has no accessories.

    1. Agree with your thoughts on the store. Cluttered / messy stores aren't fun to look through. I shouldn't come away from a shopping experience feeling like I need a shower.



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