Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thor The Dark World (Hasbro)

Thor The Dark World

Admittedly, the Thor films have not resonated with us all that much. They're just not as interesting to us as some of the other entries into the Marvel phases.

With that said, we can appreciate a good toy line when we see one. Unfortunately, Hasbro's 2013 entry isn't what we would consider "good".

It's small, limited, and for a film that focused on a whole bunch of characters in the Thor storyline, they sure aren't present in the toy line. It seemed as if Hasbro made this line simply for the sake of checking off a box - "A new Marvel movie is coming out, I guess we should throw something out on the market." This line truly feels like there is no effort, and more importantly, no love on Hasbro's part.

***SIDE TRACKED*** Typing this actually reminded us about the film Adventure's in Babysitting from 1987. Maia Brewton played Sara Anderson, a little girl obsessed with Thor. She was also one of Lorrainne Baines' (Lea Thompson) siblings in Back to the Future. You can see her sitting at the dinner table in the scene where Marty joins the family for dinner after being hit by their father's car. HOORAY FOR MOVIE TRIVIA!

Wow, that sidetrack actually really took the focus away for us...So, here's the photos. Enjoy!

 Thor (Battle Hammer)*Thor (Lightning Bolt)

 Dark Elf*Marvel's Kurse


 Hammer Launch Thor (10 Inch)*Thor (12 Inch)

Battle Hammer*Hero Mask

Join us next time when we take a look at McDonald's Happy Meal Magic!

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